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  1. AcceptRules - Be sure that rules are accepted!
    Authors: rigor789
    More on: BukkitDEV
    If you like my plugins please [​IMG] me for a cofee! :)
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    i have been looking for a plugin like this is some time :D, can you get promoted with the command like, Guest types /AcceptRules then turn to the next Group :p?
  3. that would really depend on the group system you use, so i would better say: its not possibile yet! Anyways i hope you like it in this way too :p
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    Great plugin! Lots of people never read the rules, now they have no choice :p
  5. :) Primary this was created for my server by the exact same reason! :D
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    it's okey but im still gunna use it :D
  7. :)
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    Wich permission node should i said to those that havent accepted rules and should so /acceptrules
    The plugin seems great i recommend it 100%
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    Could you add the ability to customize the rules? :confused:
  10. rules are provided by another plugin such as Essentials!!!!! This plugin is just an addon that forces the players to accept
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    I dont get how to use it. How do i make them read the rules??
  12. if the player havent accepted the rules, then they cant build, so they must accept the rules by typing /acceptrules, but in order to accept the rules the player must read them /rules by default, but if you use some other command for rules, you can change it in the config (please note that the rules part is provided by another plugin) so if the player reads rules then he can accept them, and can build! If u read the features part of the main post you can learn more about the advanced features! If u have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
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    getting massives errors on player join with this plugin curious.. as to why any help is appreciated.
    i can only assume though its a issue with the way you allow tp and it somehow conflicts with commandbooks spawn/tp based stuff. but why a pex error would occur i do not know
  14. looks like PEX disables the teleportation! Try disabling teleport in the config! And then try enabling it but disabling CommandBook, and if still eroor, then disable PEX too, then try turning on CommanBook, and write me down the results!
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    without commandbook
    without pex
    without pex or commandbook
    does not work with disabling the teleport either. and even so when removing those plugins and just having bare acceptrules it doesnt work. and it has something to do with your "spawn" teleport or for people who have no accepted the rules
    keep in mind im on bukkit RB 1240 so that could also be a causing factor.
  16. Probably error because u use 1240, will update it soon! :)
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    some1 knows how to add rules in the /rules menu
  18. that is included in other plugins like Essentials, this plugin is only an extension on those pluins!
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    but can i change the rules with essentials?
  20. in its config file! ;)
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    ok nice i will check it! :D
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    is there any way to disable the spawn thing? (spawnpoint before the rules get accepted)
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    Can you please update this plugin i really want this on my server. we have alota people and id like to force them to read the rules ingame so they cant say "I didnt know.."
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    Agree i really want it updated i get some Out of date erros please Update it is a great plugiN!
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    + sign not allowed in CB build.
  26. Its UPDATED! :) v0.8!
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    Whats the chances of requesting a customizable /command for the accept command, and a 'set rank' for permissions?

    Right now i have an overcomplicated commandhelper scriptlet that when they do a special /command it set then as 'trial' rank from guest, notifies everyone on the server they read the rules..

    is this beyond the scope of this in the future?
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    I don't know how feasible this is, but could it be possible to add the result of saying yes to the rules via command would add a visitor to a permissions group on PEX or other such permissions systems? I.e. the Citizen list on my server?
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    Hey, could you make it so you can't use /spawn if you didn't accept the rules? thanks :)
  30. Maybe one day!

    New version is coming, with optional command blocker, and rules manager feature (if you want you can use the plugin for rules too, without a third party plugin)
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    How do you set the rules list? Since it is a jar file you cant edit a settings file. Or do I just put signs?

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