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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Jackxxxx, May 18, 2012.

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  1. I was wondering if it would be possible to put links on my BukkitDev page so that people can donate to me for free.
    As long as the post has an explanation about the link (like the fact it just brings you straight back to the BukkitDev page, and why its there) I dont see why these links are disallowed.
    It provides a tiny bit extra income which does not cost users. It is an alternative way to generate a tiny bit extra revenue from a developers plugins.
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    No. We do not allow links or URL shorteners. Downloads must be direct downloads to the files being offered.
  3. But it is not a link to download the file, it is a completely optional thing that is the same as donating, but free for the user. I could provide an example of what I mean if you wish?
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    The first part of TnT's statement still applies. We have to put our foot down on those. Sorry.
  5. Alright, I understand
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    can you tell me why? I just added such links on my plugin description then I saw this thread and removed them again.
    I'm just wondering why its forbidden, because you could add them like this:

    Click here! ( Link, Advertisments on the Page)

    where "Click here" is the link. That way Plugin Users could support Developers without spending money.
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    Because it gives users a very confusing and unfriendly download experience. We encourage all users to use the BukkitDev file system only in any case, but using makes things way more confusing. Not to mention that if we allowed things like we would be forced to loosen some of the other rules concerning developers asking for money and stuff. People go "if he can do x, why can't I do x" and it's a giant domino effect.
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    We cannot check the file behind an link before allowing it to be released to the public.
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    hm there is a big download button on the top right corner and you could disallow links forwarding to downloads (so you can simply forward the link to or to this like i did). But I see the second part.. but also it could been disallowed to get actually payed so if it costs money to support a developer its disallowed (idk if you understand me :/).
  10. h31ix As far as I understand Jackxxxx and beleg don'twant to replace the download link with an link, they want to use the link as a form od donate link and donation links are allowed, aren't they?

    //EDIT: Whoops, there was more written while I was writing, sorry. :(
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    so you cant click on them? Why do Plugins have to get approved?
    But I see clicking on every single Link would take to long :/
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    If I put my download link as a one that directs the clicker to the DropBox link, is that alright?
    There's no delay in the downloading, and I don't make any cash. It's just so that I can track my downloads.
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    Files are submitted to a queue on BukkitDev where we approve them, we are not going to go around to every project and try to find a legitimate download link for it and approve it then, also because you can change that link at any time and we would never know. With the BukkitDev downloads system, if you want to upload a new file we are notified, go to decompile it, and review all of the code to make sure it is safe for users.
    -Refer to TnT's response-
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    No, same reason as above. We cannot check over links to plugins that are not from You could change the URL at anytime to a new version and we have no way of knowing.

    With a file uploaded to we can check it over, and approve or deny the plugin, depending on if it is safe for the community.
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    Okay :/ thanks for your answers TnT and h31ix
  16. You should really make it that you dont have to approve every new it is quiet annoying. You should only do it for new project and make after 10 approved version you dont have to wait for approval.
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    I mean.. on the forums.
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    That still provides someone with a way to get around our approval system and upload a malicious or backdoored plugin to BukkitDev, which we work very hard to stop. However, we are currently having meetings and working with Curse in order to make BukkitDev a much better place for everyone, and one of the features we have suggested is a system that will help us approve files much, much faster while still keeping everyone safe.

    I would kindly ask that you do not complain about how it's 'so annoying', I put so much work into approvals every day so that you guys can have your files in as short a time as humanly possible, and talking about how inconvenient it is really hurts. I know you didn't mean it that way and you're not trying to hurt anyone, but you should think about the people who are working their asses off to give you a reasonable approval time before posting something like that, it's fairly selfish and rude.
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    The annoying definitely applies for you too! :D I have been facing this running a server with players being annoyed- I am too! I wish the server was running fine but there are issues!

    Anyways, keep up the good work!
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    Thank you?
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    Lolmewn is just.. no. Just, No. Bad, bad!
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  22. I think he was saying he knows how you feel, he runs a server and his players don't appreciate him. But yea, english is likely not his first language ;)
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    I wouldn't download a plugin if it isnt off as when you use you have the assurance that there is no back door/malicious code inside so you dont have to worry as much. In my opinion is a real pain, Its only 5 seconds yes, but its really annoying and like TnT and h31ix said a user could easily change what the link is.
    Also people dont get how hard people work on the approval system having to manually decompile every update and read all the code to make sure its ok, when yoo think of the amount of plugins and some massive plugins they have to go through.
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    Currently, if you are using another system to host your official downloads (besides Jenkins or something, that's fine) and not using the BukkitDev file system instead, your project will be marked as "Changes Required" with a valid reason that explains this until you change it.

    You might also want to note that the post you linked to was from October, and the rules have changed slightly since then. It's not like we don't allow you to have an external link to a plugin, but if you are using that instead of the file system we cannot properly evaluate it and will remove your project from the public until you make the changes for security's sake.
  25. h31ix So what you say is: We're allowed to use 3rd party links (like for downloads but the plugin won't get approved then? So in fact we are not allowed, cause a not-approved project, well... ;)

    But still: What about non-download links? Have a look at this (see it as a example plugin description):
    bla, bla
    bla, bla, ...
    Want to donate some money to the dev without paying real money? Click here!

    I really don't see anything bad here. And you don't check the description of plugins every time it get changed, do you? No, you don't... If so something like this should be impossible to happen: (I will change the description back soon, but this is a death plugin...).

    //EDIT: BTW:
    Changes of rules should (and,I'm not sure about this, have to) be announced to all users. The users have to agree the rules, so they have to re-agree (or disagree and leave) if you change...

    //EDIT²: Talked to a lawyer: You either have to broadcast rule changes to all users and give them a change to accept them (in a secure way, so at least by email) or the changes are invalid for all old users, cause they never accepted them... I registered before October and this is the first time you're telling me about rule changes, so...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    V10lator seeing as you haven't yet read it, I suggest reading this topic for reasons why we don't allow adfly at all.
  27. mbaxter I read this topic and many other topics before... I give a few side-kicks, yes... But that's my reply to the kicks from h31ix

    You seem to have more knowledge, but
    Is invalid:
    1) We are not talking about download links.
    Okay, so I put a link like this online: which greets you and gives a link to my paypal donate site ... It's not an link nor a shortened URL. But I could still change "donate.php" any time I want, cause it's my webspace... So your statement is completely invalid.
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    I find it interesting that this comes up so much, yet the people complaining insist that they don't care about the money (See a lot of the previous threads about If you didn't care, or actually gave a shit about your user's experience, you wouldn't be complaining.
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    I dont think my users experience is touched by placing a link in the plugin description to support my work. and i think they would be happy to support every plugin developers work (without giving out money), as they are using the work.

    EDIT: and clicking links would be/can be optional, so the "user's experience" is save, believe me -.-
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