add api for redstone torch burnout

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by lorenzo_p, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I have trouble on my server where even simple circuits, the redstone torches burn out and have issues coming back unless the server is restarted. I've run into this problem a lot for a very long time. it would be great if I could make a plugin to change when or what torches burn out, and be able to cancel the event. I have yet to find one person who has found a solution to this problem.
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    Try not letting them burn out. Make the circuits trustable.
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

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    that's not really the problem. sometimes they burn out for what seems like no reason. usually when they do, they never come back. I'm looking into patching my own server to prevent burnouts all together, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do all that.
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    If you think it's a bug, please report it (like Wolvereness said) to
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    ok .i got it .[​IMG]
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    it's on there, recent. I commented on it.

    if you'd like a copy of the hacked version <link removed> I'm trying it on my own server, but make a backup first! I've already needed to restore from backup once. this custom compile removes the redstone torch burnout completely.

    Mod Edit (TnT): Please PM these types of builds. Posting these types of builds publicly is not allowed. I'll also assume you meant "modified" CB, not "hacked".
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    mattsoftnet You can't post links to modified CB builds.
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    ok, sorry. I didn't know, now I do. anyway, it fixed my problem. I think the chunk errors I'm getting are an unrelated issue.
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    always day plugin causes this. (or Multiworld)
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    I do have the propertime plugin, maybe that's causing the trouble. anyway, I'm still happy with my server the way it is. no problems from redstone anymore with burnout disabled. I really hope an option is added to disable it from bukkit.yml. having a very fast repeater, or even 4 of them, on my server doesn't really seem to affect cpu usage much. it's still undesirable to have them active, but I haven't had any lag what so ever from them.

    I think the chunk errors I was having were pre-existing from an unknown problem earlier that day. made copies of buildings and regenerated the chunks, and the server's happy again.
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