[Active again!] [TP/FUN] TelePads 1.4 - Simple pad based teleportation [1.5.2]

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    Version: 1.5​
    This thread will no longer be updated. Go to bukkitdev for links, changelog and other stuff related to TelePads.
    What is TelePads?
    Telepads is a plugin which allows for easy teleportation betweek two locations through an easy to use pad system. Players create 2 'teleport pads', then link them. Once these pads are linked, playes can teleport between them by stepping over them. They appear as stone. Originally made by request from @LordOfJustice​
    Video, thanks @BrandonHopkins:​

    Please go to bukkitdev using the link above to get the rest of the information you want.​
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    Updated + Compatable with latest craftbukkit release.

    Check bukkitDev for details.
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    Moved to releases.
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    This plugin is nice!

    But, people most be OP to use them! I have give them the permission: telepads.use
    But it still doesn't work, they most be OP..
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    Strange... works for me, I am using the default bukkit permissions system, which should support all permissions plugins, if the authors have updated them accordingly. Which permissions plugin are you using?
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    Right there is your problem. This permissions plugin is inactive since craftbukkit build 935, therefore it isn't compatable with the bukkit permissions system which was implemented in build 1000. To use telepads or TrainTicket, you need a compatable permissions plugin. There are many if these, including the following plugins:

    PermissionsBukkit: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...fficial-default-groups-plugin-1-0-1-r1.26785/

    GroupManager: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ge...2-a-collection-of-useful-commands-1597.15312/

    (For group manager, choose 'Group Manager Download' on the forum page to download just group manager)

    The best news about the above plugins, is if you use GroupManager you don't even need to change your permission files... they can automatically be loaded by group manager. I test all my plugins with the two above permissions plugins, so they are ones I guarantee to work.
    You are looking for plugins which support 'SuperPerms', which is something which all permissions were supposed to support for a long time since now.

    EDIT: Here is some more

    bPermissions: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bpermissions/

    PEX: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissionsex-pex-v1-17-tomorrow-is-today-1-0-0.18140/

    Basically all modern permissions plugins.
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    Ok, thanks!

    Im gonna test it, and I will give you the result.

    Uhm, there's no folder in the ''plugins'' wich is named ''Permissions'' or similar.
    I downloaded the PermissionsBukkit and started the server.

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    Check out the 'configuration' section of the plugin thread.
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    can you make it so that the telepads can only be used by one person at the time? for a time of x minutes x seconds? :D
    I wanna use this for something ;) a pvp arena with normal stuff I know there are PVP arenas but not like the one Im looking for this would be AWESOME!
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    does this support multiworlds?
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    Hello, i have founsded a bug.
    When i use a pad in a epecific zone y apear underground, and fall down.
    My server is 1.1 not the official build.

    Please help me, i speak spanish of native laguage, for this i not speak english too good.
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    Hello boy!
    I like your work but some of my plugins require Permission 3x
    So do you want do a build for permissions 3x, please?
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    can u please update! i need this plugin!
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    When will this plugin be updated for Minecraft 1.2.3
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    please hurry
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    The current version is, however, up to date with the bukkit API, and the event and configuration systems are all of the latest types. This plugin should work fine with MC 1.2.3
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    ok thank u
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    so ive been told that if you have over 100 tele pads, it will crash your server and destroy all your data...is this a myth? thanks in advance
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    Please, update it and make a option so we can edit the permissions so not OP players can use the pads too.. :)
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    no matter what i change it to it always tells me not standing on correct block type please help
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    Back and updated to 1.5!

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