ACN high performance anticheat system

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by SirJava92, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Why would someone, in his right mind, want to fully release the source code of his application, yet still want the total control of it ?

    That just can't work.

    I can understand the will of the original creators of Bukkit, wanting it to always be open-source, but why the GPL license if it's so strict about code that isn't part of the project in any way ?

    If you want to be sure a project stays open source forever, is it so complicated to add one line like this ?
    "The author wants this software to always stay open source. You can copy it, edit it, do whatever you want with it, but the main software has to be open source."

    If there was another reason to use this, please tell me, even if I'm going a bit off-topic...

    I'm kinda starting to get Wolverness...
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    You'd have to ask the original creators of Bukkit who assigned it that license that question.

    The GNU foundation's stance is something along the lines of "we are fighting a war against closed source software, and by using this license, you can prevent your code from being used to aid the forces of closed source software."
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    I personally don't like the idea of automatically banning players for cheating, nor globally banning them from a whole network of servers (those with this plugin installed) either.
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    @RainoBoy97 A lot of servers use MaxBans, which is a global ban system.

    The only problem with that kind of plugins is that it can get polluted fairly easily if anyone sets up a few ""trusted"" servers and start banning people for no reason. That can happen, but most of the time it works just well.
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    Yeah, I don't like MaxBans either :)
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    You are hurting my eyes!
    If you would really develop a hacked client (I'm kinda active in this scene (don't think wrong of me, i just want to be up-to-date about the new public exploits)) you would know that "wallhack, tracers, esp" are all client-side hacks. You can't block them. even some "not so client side" hacks like sprint or trigger bot can't be blocked.

    And, IMHO, all these clients aren't even actual "hacks". They are just Clients made for automating things. And this is giving the user of these clients an unfair advantage over normal users. You would have to call every DamageIndicator or Minimap mod a hack too then. I've never seen a "real" hack like force-op or a DDoS/DoS packed into a client, so you shouldn't call Nodus a hacked client either.

    And about the Nodus developing thing: Some kid from wizardhax is developing Nodus (2.0) now, so it's a lie.

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    I would just like to point out that the "kid from wizardhax"'s username is SirJava.
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    X-Ray is a client side hack. But its still possible to block it.
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    True, but you have to send fake blocks to every player so they can't see the "real" ores. And about all the other hacks: They can all be blocked, but then, the server would lagg like hell because you have to calcuate which entities can be seen by a player else hide them, and you have to do this all the time, for every player.
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