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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by damunzy, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I am trying to check out the bug report BUKKIT-1697: Duping Exploit - (1.2.5 - uses Nodus Client) but I am getting the error: Permission Violation. If you think this message is wrong, please contact your JIRA administrators.

    I tried contacting them but I get this: Your JIRA administrator has not yet configured this contact form.

    Sorry if this isn't the correct place, but how do I access these bug reports?

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    That bug report is marked private, hence not being able to be accessed. You cannot get access to privately marked tickets, as these may contain exploits not known to the public eye. Even if the exploit reported is legitimate, and gets fixed within CraftBukkit, we do not expose the exploit to the public eye, as other projects or even Minecraft itself may also be subject to such exploits.

    Note, we will mark tickets private if there is even a hint that it may be damaging to the community as a whole. Marking a ticket private by no means validates the issue reported.
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    That makes complete sense. The reason I was asking is because my server is affected by it through CraftBukkit++. As CB++ hasn't been updated yet by Afforess I wanted to see what the Bukkit team did to resolve the issue.

    Thanks anyways!
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    Afforess has the means to fix it if he should so choose, and he could always reach out to one of the members of the Bukkit team if he needs help.
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    You can always take a look at the recent commits.
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