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  1. Hello,
    Just wanted to put my services out there. Want a custom plugin made? PM me!
    Note: This service is free, but people paying will get much higher priority
    You will get higher priority if:
    • You post/PM in the format below
    • You are detailed with your requests
    • You are paying (Price depends on size of plugin)
    Description: [The more detailed, the better]
    • I will build against the current RB or latest build (On request), unless you have a specific reason
    • Source available on request
    • All plugins are property of me, licensed under LGPL, and I reserve the right to release them (Unless further negotiated)
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    Name: ManBearPig
    Server: Rarwx3
    Description: This should be fairly simple. I'm using burning creative suit to give VIP's the ability to use creative, but I'm also using the economy command that essentials comes with. The issue is that when a VIP is in creative, they can sell their items with the /sell command. Basically, I need a plugin that will stop them from being able to sell while in creative. My GUESS at how it would be done is by making it so that when in gamemode 1 they are not allowed to use that command.
    Commands: /sell <--- needs to be disabled
    Permissions: essentials.sell <---- Needs to be disabled when in gamemode 1

    This would be HUGELY apreciated. Also, Im pretty sure im not the only one who needs this
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    *cough* *cough* Hey tipsy you're meant to be helping me remember :D :D :D
  5. This will be fairly simple. I will PM you when done (an hour at most, I would guess, unless I happen to become busy). It will block any /sell command, is that okay?

    thehutch haha, sorry, skype is on do not disturb. Will get on there soon-ish
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    Nick Foster

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    Thats fine. If it just blocked any selling all together while their in creative it'd be great!
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    Name: (Of Plugin?) TF2 (Bukkit Name?) Joshapples
    Server:Craft Fortress 2 server
    Description: A CTF Mod that when you log in yu are automatically assigned to a team and sent to that teams spawn. AT each team spawn there is a chest with a book. If a member of the other team takes the book in the chat it says: The Red/Blue Team has picken up enemy intellagence. If the person gets the book back to his base that team gets 1 point and the chat says The Red/Blue Team Has taken the enemy intellagence and the flag resets. First team to 3 points wins and the scores reset. Is this possible?
    Commands:/set blue/red base /set red/blue flag
    Permissions:Ops get those commands
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    Name: Naliz

    Server: Adelante ->

    Description: Pretty much like this, " ". But instead when wearing a required combination, like maybe armor-wise -> Let's say like full leather armor and holding a bow, then it will give a permanent buff of some kind as long as that combo isn't broken. I haven't found any plugin like that and I guess it would be really popular.

    Commands: No commands, maybe some reload commands for the plg, if there's going to be flexible config file.

    Permissions: Whatever permission nodes to be able to activate combo.

    If it get's too advanced I might look into paying you, contact me with your thoughts and ideas.
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    I would like to disable the /sell command in creative.
  11. Dude look at the date... Why would you post something that is new when this thread was already inactive?
    Come on just read the date for once.
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    "Money offers/payment - As per the forum rules, monetary offers are not allowed. Posts offering payment will be deleted on sight without warning.

    5. No selling of products or services, unless approved by a member of the administration."
  13. @WatermakerT look at the date, he brought back a inactive thread...
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    Oh lol xD
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    I private messaged you please reply
  16. Boredboy_02 can't you read, if so, read the date please.
    This is like 5/4 mouths old.
  17. lol this is from wayy before that rule :p
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    Guys, this thread is old...

    stop the requests?

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