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    Added V0.5 :p

    Version 0.5:
    - Changed the permission to chatclear.clear
    - Added an menu for /chatclear
    - Command /clearchat changed to /chatclear
    - Changed the config.
    - Repaired a permission glitch.
  2. This is quite a good idea!:D
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    Umm, no offence, but aren't you a little bit of a d*ck charging for a full version?

    Anyway, besides the point here, I can't seem to download it. It just refreshes the download page. Any idea why that happens?
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    Charging for full version nice bull*hit
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    kaZep You are not allowed to charge money for plugins. I've snipped the advertising out of your posts.
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    @pyraetos Is he still allowed to have this?​

    If he charged for the full version, why doesn't someone give him the money and make the exact same plugin for free, or better still not pay him and make it, for free...

    Teach him a lesson

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    kaZep You are not allowed to offer anything extra in your plugin for money. Strike 2 of 3.
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    Hey, can u help Me? My problem is that we have other plugin on server using /cc command. How can we change it to maybe /chc or something like that? I was trying to change it in ChatClear.jar/plugin.yml but it's not working! No errors, no msg on console.

    How can we change command?

    Srr for my English.
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    I better use DChatCleaner rather than pay for a plugin, what is wrong with you..... I donate if I want
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    I'll make this clear by putting it in the same format as the original post!

    Keep arguing. [BAD]
    Stop arguing. [GOOD]
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    Ermmm... Abuse maybe?
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    Not on Bukkit Forums, I can't help you.
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    Hey i am kind of new but wanned to know if you could help me with a few questions about some plugins for my server?
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    You don't need to request help here, sorry.
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    Well, you are a massive d*ck. I'm sorry for saying that, but it's true.

    To help everybody here screwed over by the 'paid' version, I'll try and put all of the features of it into my plugin; Chat Clearer (now on bukkitdev).
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    JamEngulfer221 you son of a bit*h, you copied my plugin huh? Nice, gtfo.
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    #Request closed!

    The plugin creator is being an asshole, blaming others for copying "his" plugin(Do you really think that nobody else thought of this before?), and we cant download or see the plugin anymore :)
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    There's my plugin. Started, I believe in August 2011

    I believe that is a good number of months before yours.

    Ok, everyone looking for a replacement, check out:

    PS: I'm not a dick about 'copying'. It's fine, I accept that people can think of similar ideas independently.
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