[ABANDONED PLUGINS] I will bring them up to date for you! {help required updating, loads to do!}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    SOOOOOOOOOO MANY :O but yeah were wrking hard as we can *puts down tv remote*
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    thank you for updating NoIce! This will be of very much help to my server! 3.1415926 million cookies for you! And a cake! [cake]
  6. You are a hero, thanks for this. Proud bPerms user, have recommended it to many others.
    Listed in order of importance:

    EasyBan - A lot of people depend on this.
    PM'd a guy who said he might do it, but he hasn't got back to me in about a week.
    hammale said he'd do it also. Hopefully he will :D

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Version 0.6 apparently, so could need a little clean up.
    Anyways hopefully now i've uploaded it someone could get it updated.


    Edit: Looks like someone else updated it :D

    (PM'd Swear but I'm not sure he'll get back to me).

    I know there is DeathTPPlus, but it seems a bit clunky for what most users need.

    There's probably a few more, but these are the ones that came to mind.
    Please quote me if you post any updated versions so I get notified.
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    A + request for EasyBan.
    I would also like to see this awesome plugin updated

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  9. May I please have perms to edit the spreadsheet?

    I will try and find a few more updates, but it'd be easier if I had perms to do it myself.
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    @AS1LV3RN1NJA yeah IMO it should b public read/write but im not in charge here :)
  11. You're a legend. Keep me posted on progress :D

    Honestly, I'd keep it up to date myself with perms and maybe a little help.
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    talk to tyzoid he's the king of all things google doc in my little world
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    I'll get you perms soon.

    I just need a few hours to trudge through 13 more pages.
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    Hi guys, this is so totally cool I see the response has been pretty tremendous. 25 pages of posts. The googledocs sheet is also really cool. Thanks for updating signrank, I have down loaded it. I do have one that does not seem to be on the list.



    it does not have the source code or a bukkitdev page that I can find. the dev seem to have stopped responding to the thread. There is 25 bucks in it for whomever brings it up to date.

    you can pm when it is updated and i will paypal you the money.

    I would also like to have tweakedcycle if possible source is on the bukkitdev page


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    I removed the ridiculously large red text image. It made my eyes bleed.
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    There is a Dev already being made, here is the link to it :
    1.2.3 Dev build for HeroicDeath

    Also Can i please have plugin MobArena Updated to 1.2.3.
    Link to Plugin:
    Dl to plugin:

    Thanks in advance!

    If you want here is a replacement:
    But you need region guard for it.
    But you have the option to rent or buy regions...

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    Maybe you could add this to Google docs page so I can follow it's status? Mmmkay...? Thanks in advance.
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    I am in dire need of an update for MagicWord, it hasn't been updated IN A WHILE...and I be very much happy if you were to update it! I have read your thread, and I really appreciate what you are doing for everyone, I hope you have/had a great "vacation"....Oh yeah, here's the link to the forum: [SEC] MagicWord v1.1 - Griefer prevention and permissions management {Implements Permissions}
    Could you please configure it so it is one .jar file, ex. MagicWord is in plugins folder, reset server, then it regenerates a new file-with the configuration, etc.
    I may be wrong (about it having it regenerate a file)....because it's download's on github confuses me about where/what to download (Kinda messy, for me)....
    *Could you please make it compatible with PermissionsEx also? That would be super great if you could!*
    *I am using CraftBukkit 2.1.3*
    Could you also make it so that when you use /word <word> it would upgrade their group status automatically (not case sensitive please)? For example, when a newbie types /word pancakes it would automatically update their group (In PermissionsEx)....
    Another example (Like what I would picture it) (Compatible with HeroChat, IChat, etc.):
    Chat: okalawolf: /word pancake
    Chat: You have been successfully promoted!!! Please type /spawn to warp to spawn.
    Also to have it so we could Configure it (config.yml, or such)~!
    *One extra Note (That may be edited a couple times)*
    Could you...
    1. Make it so that when a "Default" player types in the 'MagicWord', it notifies the whole server in chat (Also compatible with HeroChat, IChat, etc.)
    Ex: <Player> has just figured out the MagicWord! Welcome to the server <Player>!
    *(This would also be able to configure)*
    2. Make it so we could manually edit the colors of the message to the server/to him/herself.
    Ex: <Player> has just figured out the MagicWord! Welcome to the server <Player>!
    Using the Color Codes:
    &0 =black
    &1 =dark blue
    &2 =dark greeen
    &3 =dark aqua
    &4 =dark red
    &5 =purple
    &6 =gold
    &7 =gray
    &8 =dark gray
    &9 =blue
    &a =bright green
    &b =aqua
    &c =red
    &d =pink
    &e =yellow
    &f =white

    I know this may be a lot, but it's a really useful plugin, and I would love it to be updated!
    I'll let you know about any bugs that may occur...and will try my best to help you!

    Other out-dated plug-in:
    This one is NoCheat, all-though I think it may be updated to 2.1.3, I think you should watch this one (Its a very important plugin for my server [Combats Spam, hacking, and other things!])...
    This plugin is called AutoMessage, its a useful plugin to send broadcasts to the server
    If you would like to contact me please email me at:
    [email protected]

    If you do manage to finish updating, etc, could you send it to my email, or send it through Bukkit (Which ever you pefer).

    If there is any other plugin I find that would be really useful and would benefit others, I will edit this post/create a new one...and if you would need help releasing a abandoned plugin (after getting full rights), please contact me! I would be glad to help (With all credit to you, of course + the help of getting full rights)....and please add me on skype so I could give you a special rank on my "incoming" server (Contributor) and if you refuse that offer, please accept my offer of making you an HeadAdministrator (You must add me on skype if wanted position)...! I would be glad to have someone like you help out with our newly server...!
    Skype Contact Info.
    Username: okalawolf808
    Name: Damon

    (MagicWord)- I have read over the forums for MagicWord, and someone has tried asking the "Plugin Author/Manager" to take over this plugin, but haven't replied...If the User is in-active does that mean you could take over the plugin...? If so...Please "hire" me to make a 'fresh' forum, and also add it to BukkitDev, I will update it as much as possible, and make sure you get FULL CREDIT (as said above)...I will also manage all the tickets if possible.

    P.P.P.S - :eek: -
    I promise you I will give you the HeadAdministrator/Contributor offer(s) (If you accept them), and would like it if you continue(d) this/these plugins, I give you my full support. I would donate to you, but alas (Don't have credit :'().
    Also, I would pefer you contacting me on skype...It is easier, and more accessible...(To contact you).
    *Atm moment I am still fixing my permissions, and adjusting all sorts of things on my server, I do have staff, and yes I am really helpful/nice! :D*

    Thanks Alot!

    Here, have some Diamondz!
    [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond] [diamond]

    Here's a plugin I would like to suggest you to make that would be SUPER POPULAR.


    This plugin is designed to be like WorldGuard but easier to use and far less commands than WorldGuard.
    Some commands I came up with:
    -or- = Brings up a list of commands
    /ds claim <size> <region> (Region as in name of claimed land)
    /ds show <region> (Outlines the region using glass)
    /ds hide <region> (Hides the outlined region)
    /ds remove <region>
    /ds list (Lists all your claimed regions)
    /ds listall [Player] (Lists all regions claimed - another player)
    /ds quota (How much quota you have left, quota - how much blocks/how big)
    /ds setowner <region> <player> (To add other Owners to region)
    /ds addmember <region> <player> (Adds another member to your claimed region/land)
    /ds delmember <region> <player> (Deletes SPECIFIC player from region)
    /ds listmembers <region> (Lists all players withing your region you have added)

    I'm not to sure about permissions, but we could figure something out....I would call this the District Plugin...(That would also support PermissionsEx, bPermissions, etc.)....
    It would be a good plugin to use, and would get super popular fast if made correctly...
    If you consider continuing this idea...Please contact me (Information Above)...
    I would like to at least have some credit with this idea...Thanks!
    If you would like me to create a BukkitDev forum for this, if we do work it out, please contact me!
    Yes, I have posted it on Plugin Submissions, I'm just putting this out to you guys...because I would love to work with it, with you guys <3
    Link to thread for more information on this!

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    If you want your plugin updated more quickly, post a link to the source (i.e. github).

    All posts without links will be ignored, and all plugin requests without github (or other source links) will take longer to be updated.

    Also, check the spreadsheet to see if the plugin you are looking for has already been updated:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0ApGUEm1R916SdDlId3dneVpvWERZMk8yTHNhS2RJN1E

    Other places to check for your updates:

    If you are a bPermissions user, please say so, as you will get priority over other updates.

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    Edited my post, thanks for noting that for me, and reminding me to add it...Hope to hear from you guys soon! :)
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    Yea, I'm currently on page 20... (only 6 more pages to go!)

    Having source links really helps, because I don't have to hunt them down...
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    I can't wait till you reach 25! x3....I hope you read my post throughly xD because it is kinda long, I'm sorry about that.
    ....and yes, I hate doing work that people want you to do ASAP, but they don't even help you out by doing something as simple as sharing a link to the website Dx :D
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    You da mannn
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