[ABANDONED PLUGINS] I will bring them up to date for you! {help required updating, loads to do!}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I tried the first dev. build when it came out to see what plugins of mine broke. Currently I am only waiting on MultiVerse to update. It's dev. builds are known for bad errors. Hopefully it updates soon.
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    Mobbounty would be awesome too

    Can't anyone record a video when they are updating a plugin? I am very interested in the process of updating an plugin :3
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    It makes me so mad when people say "this should be easy". Are you a coder? No. So don't judge how hard it will be if you don't know how to do it.
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    Can you Revive iChat :c? i really love using it untill the recent build that destroy it.
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    PermissionsEX pls

    Oh and thx for helping all the plugin develepores and Owners out
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    PermissionsEx 1.19 should work with 1.2.3

    Use DeathTPPlus, its updated and much better than Heroic Death :)

    Have you tried mChatSuite?
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    Two requests for updating, both are candidates that need adjustment to the codechanges after R4.
    Both werent updated for a long time, yet just continued working until 1.2 finally broke them.

    CuboidPlugin: It just does that, simple cuboiding/replacing within a certain cuboid selected by rightclicking with a defined tool. The plugin was abandoned over 10 months ago (!) but due to its simplicity it just continued working, since it just parses the information (even of new blocks) to bukkit which resulted in this plugin just continuing to work, alas, 1.2 finally broke it.

    Link: http://64hdb.ath.cx:5534/McM/CuboidPlugin.jar (v1.0)

    NanoBot: NanoBot os a tool that lets you "scan" a structure or landscape from the lowest level up, save it, move it, rotate it, etc. It has several scanning modes (structure, all, ground) and although it does not know the new blocks like stone brick slabs or netherfence for example, it just continued working since you could include these blocks into scanning mode manually with the appropriate command. But the real issue is that until 1.1-R4 it just continued to work (although it has not been updated since Sept. '11) until finally, 1.2 got the better of it.

    Link: http://64hdb.ath.cx:5534/McM/nanobot.jar (v1.36)

    Help on these two would be greatly appreciated - they are frequently used plugins on my server in all 20 worlds to tidy up quickly and building.

    Thank you in advance, if anyone is able to help out...

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    worldedit :)
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    iChat is still up! But the author is banned from this site: his official site: http://thedgtl.net/

    Try http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/buildr/]Buildr[/url]! Contains almost everything you want and more. And is still not broken...

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    There are dev builds of both WorldGuard and WorldEdit, PermissionsEx has been officially updated and HeroicDeath has already been discussed. Honestly, I'm surprised at how lazy people are. You're asking someone to spend the time to edit and recompile code for you, but don't even take a few minutes to read through this thread or look at the developers pages for an update. :'(

    Check out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqs52FA0nBfRdFRjcXMzNWpMU0dGcEtMR2RTWjRiWlE which mentions many of the main plugins, including links for download of the dev version. It even lists when something has been updated.

    Are you using the PHP or SQL portion of this? I rewrote the PHP side, but got rid of the SQL since we didn't need it.

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    A few plugins got updated thank to this thread.

    Maybe someone could organize what was updated/patched....
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    There are people who do this:

    Plugins updated by this thread:
    http://bpermissions.com/1.2/ and http://ryanclancy000.dyndns.org/downloads/1.2/

    ''Broken plugins'' lists for 1.2.3:
    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/just-a-broken-plugin-list.63445/ (mine) and https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqs52FA0nBfRdFRjcXMzNWpMU0dGcEtMR2RTWjRiWlE#gid=0

    ''Working plugins'' list for 1.2.3:

    Maybe we can combine these all together and if you find another list, tell/pm/contact me!
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    I might do that tonight, Set up a completed list.
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    I was using the SQL part that make possible that when a user registers on my WordPress site to be automatically whitelisted.I didn't used the php script.
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    iChat is updated. Google it and click on the dgtl or something link.
    [EDIT] http://forum.thedgtl.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4

    Sadly it doesn't work, but you are still amazing for even making an effort to read my post, and even more epic to make the plugin! Thank you.

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