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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by penguinben, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Woah there Ben, another insta soup plugin? Why yes.

    Hello, this is just a short message:
    I am looking for a WORKING configurable insta soup plugin - that is, in pvp when your health is low, you drink a soup and regain health, when your health is full you regain hunger by eating it normally

    None of the current ones seem to work.


    Many thanks,
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    -.- Sometimes I wish the world ended on December 21st.

    Kindly use the search bar above. Thank you for using craftbukkit, where we make your server happen!
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    Hey ben, did you know there was a search button?
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    Sorry to be a bother, but i did clearly state: "I am looking for a WORKING configurable insta soup plugin " I have searched, and worked through lots of plugins. If there was a plugin that i could find that was working, i would not have come to ask for one.

    I understand your annoyance at most replies, but i did not create this without feeling that there was nothing else to do. When i could not find one that works at the moment, asking for one was the next best option.
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    What about trying to contact the OP of a non working plugin to update it?
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    Not to much avail
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    As I said on Skype, I'll make you one tomorrow if I have any spare time bro ;)
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    Aye, cheers boss

    -I uploaded this hours ago, i was not going behind your back :p
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    I could edit it this just to your liking. PM me how many hearts you want to regen, and I will make a custom jar plugin file for you.

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