A Social(Craft) plugin.

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    A pretty simple plugin, what I wan't it​
    to do is, that you need to be social, like write in chat​
    or be in a certain radius close to people for​
    a certain amount of time.​
    Social life.
    Like let's say ``Bob´´ hadn't posted anything in the chat for let's say 4 IRL minutes,​
    now ``Bob´´ will now receive a message in chat saying something like this ``You're social life is going down, (The players username in this case it is Bob) Bob.​
    And the message should be configurable, and you will only get a certain amount of warnings (Once again it should be configurable.) let's say by Default it should be 3 warnings, then you will lose half a heart, every 2 minute. (Once again should be configurable.)​
    Also this is a bit more advanced (I guess?..).​
    You should be able to have friends, nothing really fancy. (You could have a optional use of Spout and SpoutCraft launcher to be able to have achievement pop ups on the social life thing, and a GUI for the friends, maybe?..)​
    Let's say ``Fanny.´´ want's to add ``Lucas´´ as a friend, Lucas will receive a message in chat, (or via achievement pop up using Spout?) that will ask if Lucas wan'ts to add Fanny as a friend.​
    This is basically just the same thing as friends but it's a relationship.​
    Basically this could be using the same code as friends I guess, but if you're in a relationship you could either be, a boyfriend / girlfriend, engaged, or married.
    You would get a nice little Prefix telling them who you're together with, and what if you're engaged etc etc..

    This is my ideas, if you can come up with more good ideas post them here!
    Also, i'm really sorry for spelling mistakes i'm from Sweden and only 13 years old, so i'm not that good at English.​


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    Haha, sometimes I have the same problem on my server.
    I think forcing people to chat doesn't work.
    After they got a warning they say useless things like 'derp' 'blabla', 't', to prevent loss of health.
    I suggest a messages saying: 'You've said nothing for a while... your not on singleplayer! You can talk to others, help someone, build something together, or ask what others are doing.' And no penalties for ignoring it.
    This message will be sent to the user after 15 minutes or something (with configuration) if they haven't said anything

    If there is interest for such plugin I can make it, tomorrow I have nothing to do...
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    My Plugin, SocialCrafting kinda does this, check it out in the link below. Spout GUI, and multiserver support enabled soon :)
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    That was kinda what I meant, I think that people really should be more social on Multiplayer.

    Okey, Will check it out.
    EDIT : Can't find it.

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