A simple town plugin that isn't towny

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    Towny doesn't work on my server so I sort of need a new town plugin.
    Here is a picture just for a headstart

    -Towny 2

    -/town (main command)
    -/town make/create [Name] [Mayor]
    -/town selection [Pos1] [Pos2]
    (Or use like a item to make outline)
    -/town paytax
    (Can you please link it to iConomy)
    -/town buyplot [Plot number]
    -/town join [Townname] {Password (if one)}
    -/town leave
    -/town ban [Player]
    -/town setplot [# (a number)]
    (make it so you can set the plot's area the same as the town's)
    -/town settax [Money]

    -/town retire [Town]
    (Hold up town for sale or abandon it)
    -/town lock
    (no more can join when town is locked)
    -/town unlock
    -/town reload
    -/town disable [block]
    -/town invite [Player]
    -/town tnt [Town]
    (For admins only, it blows up the town causing only damage in the town)
    -/town nag [Player]
    (Can only use after /town invite, it nags the player to join your town)

    town.reload (allows use of /town reload)
    town.tnt (allows use of /town tnt)

    Needed by
    Anytime will do

    um I'm just wondering but did anyone even see this?

    ... I need this sooo badly


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  2. Believe me, nobody will code a new plugin because of that reason.
    Why don't you try getting Towny to work?
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    I'm basically looking for the same thing I want it even simpler.

    Just need to option of creating a town, inviting people to be members of the town, and of course kick them.

    Simple block protection for the town. Town members can build, outsiders can't, in general areas, and areas owned by a townsperson can only be built on by the owner.

    Basically Towny without the war stuff, and the hugh config file that makes half my other programs fail.

    I guess I'm asking for a TOWNY LITE version.

    P.S. It would be nice if it worked with an economy system that connects to VAULT, and had the option of using Experience Levels as currency to make towns, and buy property.

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    I think it would be beneficial to many servers to have a simple town plugin. Lots of people seem to have issues with Towny, whether it be not working or just too complicated.
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    Agreed towny is a big plugin with lots of command a smaller or "lite" version would be beneficial as many servers will use it because its not as confusing and won't be as big
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    I'm posting a "Lite" version. Be sure to leave your comments on it!
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    Your coding one? Where will you put a download?
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