A /rtd plugin

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Should they make an /rtd function?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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  3. Maybe.

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    I think a /rtd plugin would be awesome. Make it with a 50% Chance bad and a 50% good.

    Ex for bad /rtd:
    *Sneaxy has just been lit on fire*

    The limitations for bad or good would be tons.

    Ex for good /rtd:
    *Sneaxy just got 1 iron ingot*

    You could even make the bad rtd spawn mobs like 4 spiders or something. Just make the /rtd usable every 5 minutes though so people do not spam it. The only bad thing I would avoid is having something involve explosions. It would kill peoples structures and loots. But still and /rtd plugin with all the others would be amazing. :D

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