A Restart Script Based on CPU

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Colby l, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Colby l

    Now i'm not sure if this could be a plugin or just a basic script, but I need a plugin/script that will restart my server if it reaches a certin amount of CPU. I've tried RMToolKit, MilkAdmin, and MCMyAdmin but they're CPU intensive for features I do not need. If someone could write up a script for it/Plugin, that would be highly appreciated.

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  2. Well the reloading it bit is easy, i'm just not sure how to do the detection of CPU usage.
  3. Just use a syncRepeatingTask to check the current time every 20 ticks. If more than 1 second is over the server lags. Of course you shouldn't instantly reload, just if it lags for more than like 10 seconds.
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    If your minecraft server runs on linux, you simply coul'd read minutewise out the load-average and if the load-average is over a setable limit, it restarts your server or pauses your server and resumes your server if the load-average goes below a setable limit.
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    wouldnt that cause lag?
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    Why would it cause lagg?
    It's just a simple check which is get done every 20L,but you can set it to a higher tick rate (to check about every 5 second).
  7. Not really, taking the timestamp every second and compare it to the previous saved is fast. A simple counter that adds +1 if there's lag or resets to 0 if not is also fast. ;)

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