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    I'm asking for a plugin that I assume would be under Fixes or Mechanics:
    -When one player starts to mine a block (before the block breaks) and another player joins in on THE SAME BLOCK, both players would be affected with Haste 2 until the block breaks

    -Iron and gold armor/ holding metallic items OR standing/swimming in water increases the chance of being struck by lightning
    (During a storm or rain ONLY)

    -Saplings that land on the ground are deleted and an actual sapling is placed in the ground on that spot

    -Pumpkins (not stems), Wheat, Cocoa beans, and Melons (not stems) "Rot" (are deleted) if not harvested two Minecraft days after reaching maturity

    -During a full moon ONLY, tamed dogs become hostile, untamed wolves again (temporarily) and the sound file mob.wolf.howl is played quietly from random locations, per world

    -When a stick is renamed "Wand", it gains the Fire Aspect enchantment as well

    -Wooden Swords deal extra damage to undead mobs

    If you release versions with one feature at a time, that's fine! Feel free to build upon this! Thanks for listening!
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    Will anyone attempt this?
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    This sounds like a cool idea. The algorithms actually wouldn't be too difficult. I could probably code this quickly. I will think about it. Throw something together and see what happens.
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    I will probably do this too, but It needs a bit more features to make much of a different experience. I feel as if these features wouldn't be noticed.
    EDIT: I don't like the wolf idea, to complicated and not realistic, my dog does not kill me every full moon
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    Great! Toss me a link when you have a 0.1 of sorts or lemme know if a problem should arise!
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    abyte Ok, how about this then: if a player has been attacked by a wolf or another "infected" player during their current life (from the time they hit respawn till the full moon) then during a full moon they gain strength 3, speed 2, and hunger. Each point of damage they deal restores one point of hunger. Is this more noticeable and realistic?
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    Has this been forgotten? ;(
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    This either slow or non-existent progress saddens me...
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