A plugin that would record usage of certain commands and report it

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  1. Hi, everyone. I've been looking for a plugin that can be configured to record certain commands that players would use and report it back to me in any way possible. I'm trying to battle the effects of the Nodus cheat platform, which seems to work even on my Safe Zones. It's very hard to go trough the whole console log, plus it restarts every 3 hours so I can't keep track like that. If such a plugin exists, it will make the process of hunting down nodus hackers much, much easier.

    Thank you!
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    Nodus commands are not sent to your console, its handled by the mod by itself.
  3. I see, so actually players never end up writing any of these commands in the server's chat?
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    Bobtch correct. This is one reason it is so difficult to catch them.
  5. Damn... and here I was being so enthusiastic. Thanks for clearing that out, IDucks. I'll look into other solutions, like 'properly configured' World Guard.
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    Well, I would say that If bukkit itself forced access to a players info (like mods, it can detect if tekkit is on (I believe so tho)) and then give the server the info about the mods

    - this Will have to be done by bukkit itself tho, plugins need info from bukkit about any player client data (I don't know what it requires from bukkit, I just know that my brother programmed something similar to bukkit, and used that to run the plugins he needed instead, tho don't have high expectations of him sharing it, he's capitalistic lol)

    Maybe a new project for the bukkit staff?
    Ingame/server/panel/files access to see a players mods installed :p

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