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    Hi I was looking into buycraft and on the website they claim to have problems issuing commands when using the Group Manager permissions plugin. I was wondering if there was a developer who could design a plugin that would allow me to let users enter in game commands to bring up a list of packages and then give them links to an external site that would process their payment through paypal It would have to be compatible with either Group Manager or maybe Mymcadmins users and group feature. If it could automatically add the user into Mymcadmins permissions systems that would eliminate a lot of issues. I believe the developer would need to know something about making a website connected to it as well sorta like how buycraft has done. If its at all possible get in touch with me and we can discuss its planning in my teamspeak server.

    While writing this I had one more idea for a plugin if anyone would be interested in creating a very in debth RPG plugin I would love to talk to them.

    I need something that can:
    Allow users to enter commands or click signs to change class
    Would allow users to choose a race in the same way
    Would need to be hooked into an economy plugin to charge for swaping
    I would want the exp to go off minecrafts vanilla exp system
    Custom made skills with the ability to create new ones possibly in a gui
    Altered Hp and Dmg to scale with levels.
    Possibly some way to have mobs health scale with the user? like the user whos pressence spawned it?

    The main thing is I want it to only deal with these areas. All the other skills plugins add stuff thats not needed in an RPG plugin. Like how Heros messes with enchanting. There are a few good RPG an skill plugins out there to take a look at and get an idea where we would want to go with it I just need a skilled and possibly very bored developer to be interested.
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    I don't think you will get someone to make a plugin like buycraft, just to make it work with GroupManager. I would try out another permission system instead, such as PEX, or try out BuyCraft with GroupManager, and just add the command.
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    Get a plugin that allows easy set rank commands, like CommandsEX, then in the commands section put: /setrank [playername] [rankname]
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    Use PEX and get a permissions converter. Pex isn't the easiest permissions plugin out there but it is the best as it offers good quality permissions and features. Asking us to make a plugin thats like Buycraft would be pretty stupid when the current buycraft is amazing already. But
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    I just think there should be something out there for group manager as well. I have no clue why it doesn't work but someone said its a problem with the promotion command period. Im using Mymcadmin through my server host so I have been hesitant to switch permissions as I don't know whats all going to be involved. If no one would like to then I suppose this thread needs removed. I don't think I can or I would if someone that can sees this please do. Thank you for your time everyone that posted.
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    Why can't you promote users through the console with GroupManager? All BuyCraft does is run a command through the Console.

    In the OP, you said:

    I personally haven't seen that said -- anywhere -- But, have you tested it yourself?

    If not, I would recommend switching permissions, anyways. IMO, GroupManager isn't the best choice... I'm pretty sure that PermissionsEx or bPermissions are much better choices.
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    Switch to PEX. Easiest permissions plugin to use.
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    Ive heard that and I really really want to. I've been worried about switching and messing something up with one of my other plugins so Im waiting for word back from my support staff and I will be doing so. Ya in the buycraft knowledge base they have a warning that the command will not always work. I will just be switching as everyone seems to point me in that direction. Thank you everyone
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    Save your Group Manager files, switch, and test PEX. Start your server and look on your console to see what errors occurred. Report what happens here.

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