A plugin for mob armor?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jarrett78, Jan 5, 2013.

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    If there is a plugin that increases the chance of a mob spawning with the ability to wear armor or the ability to spawn one with the ability/armor on it? If not could one be made?
  2. Is setting the diffuculty to hard not enough?
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    It's still super rare. In fact, I still haven't gotten zombies to wear armor.


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    I really would like this plugin acutally.
    If it works properly, im going to use it on my survival server.
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    At this rate I'm going to have a thousand shameless self bumps before I find an answer. xD


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    Once again, a bump.
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    I love this idea. I shall help you with potential viewers, a good idea is being missed it seems
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    Great idea! (1/5 zombies or something like that can pick stuff up, such as swords, bows, armour, and certain items... they always pick up the best they can get and drop the weaker stuff). If there ever is a plugin made to do this please PM me or reply to me :D I would like to have all my mobs wear armour! 100% with certain configurable armour! Enchantments too! Multiple enchantments! With potion effects? Unlimited time effects? Why have I just got so many ideas. I really need to learn java. Any where someone with little to no experience with computers can start learning coding just for making plugins? Possibly mods as well? BUMP
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    This works well too ^^
    Download it!
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    CustomSpawners. It lets you customize any block into a mob spawners, what the mob is wearing, the drops, etc. It's quite awesome, other than the buggy fact that when creepers explode you can see tnt drop from their body (lol).
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    Also check out OtherDrops in my sig below. It'll let you replace natural, or other types, spawns with a chance ( or 100% ) to be wearing the equipment of your choice.
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    I should but I don't have the patience to wait for days to find out my description isn't good enough and have it denied only to have to do it all over again.
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    My plugin PhatLoots does exactly this. Just contact me and I can walk you through exactly how to set it up. (I don't yet have a video for it)


    Skype is the best way to easily explain how to set it up. My username is Codisimus. Or If you want I could try to explain it on here.
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    TKramez Does this still work by chance >.> can I please get it?

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