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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Kostronor, Jan 24, 2014.

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    With all the people, who are worried, if they have to wait two or more days, i feel you!

    But you have to remember, that there are people who look at your code in their spare time and ONLY need two days to approve your plugin. I think, my code is messy, perhaps yours is to, but surely most of it is! And they have to look at it and understand it.

    I am even more surprised, as my latest approval was after 14 hours! That, imho is very impressive!

    And i want to thank the BukkitDev staff for all the work they are doing! Thank you! Please keep up the good work!
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    <3 I love seeing threads like this
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    Word on the street is that it can take up to a month for the Apple App Store to approve apps, so...
    Also, what money am I making from my plugins to warrant a NEED to get it approved instantly?
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    Curse offers author rewards.
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    Nothing that makes me desperately need to upload my plugins though.
  6. zeeveener
    Who says it's about the money? Most people here don't give a rat's ass about getting money for their work and just do it for fun and/or to benefit the community. Anyways, some people want their plugins approved quicker for various reasons. These are some that I can think of:

    1. Because why not? Who doesn't want that satisfaction of knowing that their plugin got approved?
    2. What if there is a major bug and you need to rush out a fix? Is it better to wait days or a few hours?
    3. You can get more plugins out there faster to benefit the community. People may be searching for a plugin that does specific things and your plugin can suit them perfectly. The faster your plugin gets out there, the more likely it is that people will find and download it.
    (I did have more, but I forget them. It's been a long day with midterms and what-not :p )
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    The Gaming Grunts

    Don't get me wrong, I am not in this for the money and I hope nobody else is either. Having said that, let me explain my theory.

    People who are itching to get their plugins approved rarely have any legitimate reasons. There are obviously times where a large, server-breaking bug may be apparent, but in that case, the author merely needs to PM a BukkitDev Mod and ask them POLITELY to look at and approve their plugin asap.

    Otherwise, people being impatient is no reason to demand that their plugin is approved sooner. Sure, you can argue that it fits a niche. Just advertise it in the Plugin Releases forum until it's approved. That way, you actually build a certain amount of hype for it's release instead of throwing it into the wild and hoping somebody finds it.

    This community has so many plugin developers with even more plugins, there is almost no area left untouched. There is almost guaranteed to be one plugin for one job, and if there isn't, there are many plugins that work together to complete that job. Heck, there are even plugins for creating other plugins...

    Like I said, there is no reason to rush the BukkitDev people as there is no clear benefit from having your plugin approved mere hours sooner. Like I said, the App Store can take up to a month and you still get Apps that make millions of dollars per day month. It's not the quantity of plugins that matters, it's the quality.
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  8. zeeveener
    Now that you said that, I actually completely agree with you. Your original post just didn't give the same message :)
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    Hurray for awesome new staff :D
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    The Gaming Grunts
    Just to clear things up, the (afaik currently) recommended way to get a bukkitDev staff member to review an update that fixes a game-breaking bug is to report the file.
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