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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Iroh, Sep 7, 2014.

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    Hello Forum Members,

    I’m writing to tell you that I’m leaving bukkit (a little late compared to the others!). Bukkit hasn’t been a very large chapter in my life as it has for some of the older and longer term developers and admins, and I’ve only been a moderator for a year or two. When I first joined bukkit I was making a transition from a very hasty child to a slightly less hasty young adult, and that is when TnT reached out to me to join the the bukkit project.

    I was approached in an entirely professional manner, something I was completely not used as a teenager treated like a child and told to act like an adult, and asked to join the staff team, and as you know I accepted. And so began my quest of moderating the bukkit forums.

    At first I moderated they way I talked to friends “This is terrible I’m removing it” and quickly realized that the little staff badge held me to a higher expectation of professionalism. And so over months I began to make the transition from hasty to less hasty (and more thoughtful!). Bukkit taught me to think about things before taking action, in the course locking many threads that shouldn’t have been locked, and finally learning to ask when I didn’t know the answer. I took away something more valuable than a meaningless staff badge, I took away a more thoughtful way of looking at things and a greater willingness to simply ask when I didn’t know something.

    I was never a leading member of the bukkit community or even our best moderator, but bukkit has taught me a lot in my time here, and I would like to thank everyone who made the community what it was. A few special thank yous follow:

    For recruiting me to the project and guiding me through my many mistakes.

    For hosting my bouncer for the last year. (and hopefully years to come!)

    Jade, JaguarJo, and Necrodoom -

    For being my fellow queue clearers and making the that task much more bearable!

    As for the recent Mojang / wesley fiasco my opinion is that of the majority of bukkit staff / developers and is summed up here.

    And finally goodbye fellow bukkiteers!

    If you wish to contact me you can do it on irc.esper.net username: Iroh.
    If you wish to talk via skype or email pm me for details.

    Iroh: *Picks up Amaranths mic and pockets it as a souvenir*
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Iroh Thank you for your work!
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    Marten Mooij

    Iroh Thank you and all the other staff members for making an awesome chapter in the book of most Bukkit members. RIP
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    Iroh You did good work here Iroh. Thank you.
    even if you do like pink floyd
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    Thanks for being awesome! I can very much identify myself in your post - I too have grown very much due to Bukkit, being more mature and such. Great post :)
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