A duel plugin.

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  1. Hello, I have been trying to code a /duel (player name) /duel accept plugin to work ALLL day. But I cannot seem to make it work.

    What I need:

    /duel (player name)
    /duel accept

    What will happen is when a player does /duel accept. It will add them to a hashmap making them only able to attack eatch other and no one will be able to attack them. I need 10 different set able 1v1 boxes and if they are full it needs to say: "Full! Sorry!" I really need this because I own a successful kitpvp server I code for but I cant get this to work. Thanks if you can.

    Other plugins:
    I have searched, searched, and searched. But I cant find a simple plugin that does this. Thanks for this if you can and if you can help me code it it would help too.

    Bump (its been 12 hours)

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    Do you want arenas and stuff like that?

    Also, i would like to take on this project so add me on skype: keiranturner33
  3. I added you. It should come from sirlittlemonster7 or itle say [littlemonster7] in the name.
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    I actually have a plugin similar to this coming out in a couple days

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