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    I've recently found a great need for the plugin ItemDetector. Unfortunately, it has two major bugs that make it unusable for me.

    1. It does not detect worn armour.
    2. On loading the server, if you are running MultiVerse, the plugin does not load, the detection gates do not work and you cannot create them again without re-starting the server.

    This plugin has been dropped three times by plugin developers now, and I'm really looking for someone to update it, fix the bugs and maintain it! Unfortunately, I cannot find the source for the latest version, but the source for the version of Craftbukkit 1000 can be found here.

    I really hope someone will continue this project and maintain it, it'll be crucial to me and many others out there!

    N.B. I would have asked the current plugin developer to fix it, but this is his only plugin and his last activity was on the 2nd of May.

    If anyone has any feedback or thinks they could do this, please reply :)

    No-one at all huh? Still hopeful.

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