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    Plugin category: Chat / RPG

    What I'm looking for: Mainly A chat pluggin dirrected for Rpg style servers and maybe others. The main reason why I'm posting this is because I'm looking for a plugin that normally only allows (as a default channel) players to talk on a defined area of blocks ( lets say 10-40 blocks). While also being able to access a Global chat where the player can communicate with the rest of the server. This would help eliminate lots of group conversations or lots of chatters to be clogging up the main chat.

    If possible another thing would be add prefixes so the player knows what type of chat he is participating in. For example: [G]nick: hello. [L]nick: so did you get the pickaxe?. And last but not really needed if its too much of a hassle add some sort of OOC channel where the player can talk in Out Of Character content. This would be really helpful for rpg servers so people can talk in the story and then maybe do a command to join the OOC channel and tell stuff while everyone knowing this is OOC and not in game info or roleplay.

    Ideas for commands: /g (global chat), /l (local chat), /OCC ( OOC style. Doesn't need to be a channel it could just add an extra prefix to the actual channel the player is in so everyone knows this is OOC info.)

    Thanks for reading and if there is something like this already I'm really sorry and could you link me to it?
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    H.E.R.O C.H.A.T
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    Can't find an updated version for it. And they are mostly dedicated directly for spout now aren't they? But yea that would be wonderful.
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