818: All portals linked to the same Nether destination

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hisui, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Self-explanatory title. I have multiple Nether portals in my overworld. With 1.6's Nether support I have disabled the Bukkit 'Nether' plugin and tried to enter various portals to the Nether. The problem is that they all link to the same exit portal, no matter how far apart they are. That exit portal links back to the first entry portal I used. What's going on?

    Plugin list:

    Running CraftBukkit build 818 on Multiplay's ClanForge system (hence, cannot update to 819 manually).
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    Also having this issue:

    Copied from another forum I posted in looking for help. For what it's worth I am also on Multiplay/Clan Forge.
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    Any idea on this? It doesn't seem to happen on vanilla minecraft, indeed.

    This problem still occurs.

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    This problem happened on my server in vanilla minecraft! Got 3 overworld portals (quite far away from each other) linked to the same nether portal.
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    820 seems to have fixed it. Its working perfect here.
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    I installed 820, and still have the same issue.
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    I am also having this problem on 818. But I will give 820 a try and see if it fixes it :)

    Update: 820 seems to have fixed it :)
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    Some (not all) users are having the same issue on my server (b818). We were able to 'fix' the issue by building a nether portal in the nether in the appropriate locations. Portals in the normal world will link to the closest portal in the nether.
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    We've had this problem and 821 didn't fix it. Could possible "Fixed nether's identity crises" in b836 be related?
  10. No, same problem in 847
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    Any news on this?
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    I think this is the way it's supposed to be. I had a similar set up to what the second poster quoted (love your Paint skills btw) and it worked fine. When I destroyed portal #2 in the Nether, both portals #1 and #2 on Earth pointed to portal #1 in Nether. I wanted to test this bug so I rebuilt nether portal #2 in the original location, and it worked fine again.

    Portal locations have always worked like this, even in single player. Just because two Earth portals are 16 blocks away doesn't mean that it will generate two Nether portals 1 block away from each other because of the 1/8 ratio. I don't know what logic or math the game uses to determine whether to create a new portal or link to an existing one, just remember not to build portals too close to one another.

    EDIT: I'm running Bukkit #839.
  13. When i build a Portal in my city and 700 blocks away in m outpost they point both to 1 nether portal. I dont think that this is not a bug. I have tested it on an clean installation and have always the same bug.

    EDIT: I'm running Bukkit #857
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    No. We're very well aware of the distance they need to be from eachother. The point is that no matter the distance they always point to the same portal in nether.

    No matter the distance.
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    Oh. So by ALL nether portals he literally meant ALL nether portals... Sorry about that. :p
    Definitely a bug... although mine work fine. I'll take a look anyways at all of the portals on my server and see if I find anything unusual.
  16. LEOcab, i dont know why it works on your server. I have tested it on an clean installation, new world, new configs, no plugins. And on this clean installtion i have this bug too.
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    FYI: With b860 we've managed to create at least one new nethergate that did not connect to the first one now. If the netherworld was the wrong size before maybe that was the cause? (I.e, you would've needed to travel really really far before).
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    Perhaps it's a bug in worlds generated by some specific MC version or Bukkit build? I just tested all my portals and they all work as intended. I even created a new pair of portals and those work fine too.

    I have Essentials installed. Essentials still has its own version of the Nether (since there was no Nether before 1.6 and for some reason they still haven't removed the feature) so it could have something to do with that. Essential's Nether is disabled on my server, but it could still be conflicting and somehow fixing this issue. Just a theory though. I don't think that's the reason... Weird.:oops:

    Here's my server if you wanna check it out:
    (There's a portal near spawn, one at Nether coordinates (+62,0), and another one inside the mushroom field next to that one. There are more but I don't remember the locations...)
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    meh. I thought that the update had maybe fixed it. I used a portal to go to nether. I went into the portal in nether to see if it would take me back. For some reason, it decided to make a new portal in world.
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    That one happens when the existing portal is broken or blocked. For example I made one a few days ago, went to Nether then back to Earth through a different portal, then went back to Nether using the portal I made and a new one was generated like 20 blocks under the old one. I was surprised but it turned out that the original portal had been flooded with water...
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    This is working as intended (or, well, as it does in Vanilla), see this thread for information: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/345806-nether-portal-science/
  22. It doesnt work as intended, I have tested on an CLEAN NEW and without MODS Server-Environment.

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    I'm having the same problem with Essentials, Vault and HomeSpawnPlus plugins installed.

    I'm running the latest version of Bukkit, for MineCraft 1.1. Any idea why this happens? When is this bug going to be fixed?
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    >replying to half year old thread

    It's not a bug, sir. It's the way portal logic is coded. If there's a portal close by (128 blocks or something radius) it will link to that portal.
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    I'm having the same issue... and also with portals wich are more then 128 blocks away of eachother...
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    LEOcab I would think I'm not so dumb to reply to this thread if the portals are so close to each other, right? To be clear: my portals are at least 1000 blocks from each other.
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    This issue still exists, I'm seeing it on a tekkit 1.2.5 server with multiverse and on bukkit alone with 1.3.2.... portals >500 coords apart... all portals goto 1 portal in nether. portals in nether come out in first portal made always. its bad.
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    Anyways, learn portal math. This issue is always solved by making a portal at the right coordinates, where you expect it to spawn. So if Earth portal 500x,100z is spawning you at 0x,0z in the nether, then make a portal at 63x,13z in the nether and then the Earth portal will link properly to the new portal you just created.
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    Or use a plugin which fixes/works around the issue. <shameless plug> If you're willing to trade away the fancy teleport animation in exchange for some features, you can check out my plugin Nethrar which makes all portal math be extremely precise, allowing you to have two portals basically right next to each other linking to two different destinations. Don't let the title fool you, the current version should support 1.2.5, and even if not, there are older versions which do on http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nethrar/.

    ^^ This.
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