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    Nathan C


    Get a free subdomain from a free domain!
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    Look, I am kind of short on money right now and this is the best I can come up with right now. I never said that this is for advanced users, only for beginners! Also, it's free. I mean, who cares about the domain anyway??
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    Why not get a dot.tk, it's a shorter domain. Anyway, a you can get .com and .net from namecheap.com. It's $10 per com / net
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    Seems like a great idea!

    O don't think the link works...
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    No - The link doesn't work - The website hasn't been set up apparently
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    Or you could just spend a few dollars of donation money from your server and get professional hosting from a reliable provider. Right?
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    I like professional :)
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    I don't. They make things more boring.
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  11. I'm too lazy to sign up but really curious what you mean by tweaked version of wordpress, any details?
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    website is blocked by ESET. interesting.
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    By tweaked version he means he downloaded a mod witch allows multiple wordpress blocks to be made from 1 wordpress and 1 server dir.
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    Yes, it is that. Also, minor performance tweaks, and the code has been customized to work more efficiently for a Minecraft Server website.

    Hey, this isn't for professionals. This is for beginners who want to grow their user database. And if the pros like NetBukkit, then they can download our CMS. I'm working on a premium plan too, so I think you should shut up about that. Also, this is a FREE service. I don't think that you should complain about a subdomain if you're going free. And plus, I've ran 2 web hosting companies in 3 years. I'm reliable, bro.

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    1. If you ran two companies where are they now? They must have failed?
    2. I am not your bro, that also makes you look unprofessional for having 2 previously (unregistered) companies.
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    Mikeambrose3 , I'm sorry, but if you're going to be a hater on this thread, I'm asking you to stop commenting. You don't understand that most website builders have no thoughts that the websites they may be running, are sites for Minecraft servers. Judging by your started threads on Bukkit.org, your another professional. Again, this is aimed at beginners who want to kick-start their Bukkit server. So please, lay off.
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    I fully understand.
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    Awesome. Signed up.
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