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    Edit: I have been banned from BukkitDev. The thread regarding the situation ban be found here. There, you can find the last version of ChatControl I will post on Bukkit. It is compatible with Bukkit 1.3.2-RB1.0. I'm sorry for those who found this plugin helpful. If you would like an updated version after this one, contact me privately.

    BukkitDev Link

    WARNING: No support on this thread, please refer to the BukkitDev page instead

    ChatControl is a fully functioning, configurable chat monitor. It currently only supports anti caps and anti-swear, but anti-advertise and anti spam features are on the way. The plugin is simple to use and requires no setup. Just copy and paste the .jar file into your plugin folder and you're ready to go.
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    • Maximum amount of caps per message
    • Give players warnings
    • Kill, kick or ban players after a configurable amount of warnings
    • Prevent the message from displaying
    • Warn the player to not use caps
    • Replace the message with a configurable amount of
    • Has a swear filter
    • More to come

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    • chatcontrol.caps.overrride - Allows a player to override the capitalization limit.

    Apparently, Bukkit's build in configuration file API overwrites any comments, so some options may be unclear.
    Here is the default configuration file.
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    # enable or disable the plugin
    enabled: true

    # enable or disable anti capslock
    enabled: true

    # maximum amount of capital letters until action
    maxcaps: 3

    # warn the player to not use caps
    tellplayer: true
    # warn the player, see mainaction
    givewarning: true
    # repacement for the message
    replacement: 'I was naughty for using caps.'
    # prevent the message from displaying, overrides replacement
    preventmessage: true

    # how many warnings must be given until the player gets killed
    # set this to -1 to never kill the player
    killonwarnings: -1
    # how many warnings must be given until the player gets kicked
    # set this to -1 to never kick the player
    kickonwarnings: 3
    # how many warnings must be given until the player gets banned
    # set this to -1 to never ban the player
    banonwarnings: 6

    0.8.1 - Fixed warning system not showing correct max warnings
    0.8 - Added warning, system.
    0.7 - Added more configuration, Switched over to build in configuration file
    0.6.1 - Fixed 2 configuration bugs
    0.6 - Added override permission & added most Configuration options
    < 0.5 Made Framework
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    I look forward to any updates that may come.
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    updated to have a anti-swear feature
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    Thanks md5 :D
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    REALLY nice plugin.
    Some guys just go right in CAPS LOCK!
    And now! I can just remove that!
    Thanks for making this plugin!
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    hi im using commandbook, so im using other ban/ip-ban files... chatcontrol using the default bukkit ban file, i dont want it this way :S
    There are any way to change it? if not can u send me the plugin source code to edit it? Thanks
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    Could you add an option where a certain command will be performed when someone swears/caps? I'd like to take money away from players when they swear and broadcast that they swore.
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  10. i will love to see u unbanned, i was looking for a real good censor plugin and i tested all of them, the only one that i liked is this plugin, they should give u a chance, even the members of essentials have a custom config at GroupManager that make them admin, obviusly thats different and can be removed, but they should give u a chance, btw, if ur going to upload more updates sent me a PM, i will sent one with suggestions, nice plugin.
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    Thanks so much for your understanding, we have contacted each other in private.

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