3,000+ mobs in less than 10 seconds problem

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by relworPstar, May 3, 2013.

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    Ever since the update to 1.5.2 I have been getting over 3,000 animals spawning but the mobs spawn fine. I have gone to server.properties and changed natural-spawn-rate to 99 and to 1, both did not work. Worldguard prevents spawning of mobs just fine, but outside of that, its hectic. Check out this picture after I did /killall not more than 5 seconds before taking this picture.
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    update bukkit.
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    already did this tho... aiyyy i just keep updating lol..
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    Are you running the latest beta?
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    i too am having this same problem lol, my world is infested with passive mobs :/
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    I think I have a solution for this. Get the plugin ptweaks and in the config change the amount of max mobs in the world. Or for the mobs to take more time for spawning go into the bukkit.yml and go to tick-per. Also you can limit the number of mobs in the bukkit.yml without ptweaks but ptweaks increases your serevr performance a little bit better in my opinion.
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    The bug has been fixed. Update to the 1.5.2-R0.1 beta.
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    ^^its fixed for the most part, im running #2772, but i still find that sometimes ol mcdonalds farm got loose again and his animals are rioting on my server is HOARDS! But seriously, its kinda fixed, but not fully.
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