2GB RAM + 1.9Ghz enough?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by the3rdnumber, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I run a server having the following plugins:
    (from bukkit /pl command)

    Yesterday we had over 20 members online, and it started to lag the FPS down. I had to kill al the entities, use /stoplag command but it was coming back quick after everything went back up..

    I think what can cause such a lag is the worldgen I use with terrain control. It looks something like this: (real ingame recordings)

    The PC that runs the server has the following specs:
    - AMD Dual Core 1.9Ghz
    - 2Gb RAM (allocated to the server)
    - x64 Windows 7 (with Aero effects disabled, explorer.exe not running and the "java.exe" set at high priority in taskmgr.

    The internet connection I have is a 50mbps down and around 50mbps up with a ping of 3ms (in the same country). The results to New-York were: 150ping, 10mbps down and 20mbps up.
    Those results were generated by speedtest.net .. I guess this is the worst case, it can go better, idk.

    I saw at beastnode.com, a server with 1Gb RAM is recommended up to 30 members online, my server has 2Gb and at 20 started to lag? Also there was no continuus lag, it had spikes which took the TPS to 10 and sometimes till 5. Then came back up like if nothing happened. I'm afraid that the server crashed if I leave it by it's own for some time (1hour-2hours..) so this is a pretty big issue. Of course I remove all the entities when that happened. There were around 3500chunks loaded (sometimes up to 3800) and over 2500 entities loaded. (where there were around 20players).

    If you can help me solve the problem here, I would appreciate so much.

    Those are the solutions I have though about:
    - [will try to do it] adding one more Gb or RAM resulting in server allocated 3Gb. (the PC has a maximum of 4Gb capacity, and installed 3Gb).
    - [cannot do it soon] adding an SSD instead of the harddrive.
    - [can do it] generating a great part of the world with "worldborder plugin" on my macbook, then upload this file to the server's PC so the server does nt have to generate it when players explore.

    Thank you for reading this post, and I hope someone can help me find solutions for this issue.

    Sincerly, 3rd.
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    Good that you're running 64-bit. Is your Java also 64-bit?

    You want to increase the amount of RAM. Try installing 4 GB and allocating 2 GB to the Java heap.

    Bottom line is that this PC is marginal for what you're trying to do (number players plus plugins), especially if you expect to grow. You really need 8 GB of RAM (with 4 GB for the Java heap) plus a faster CPU.
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    Yes indeed my java is also 64. I have allocated 2GB right now, and the PC has 3GB. If I add another one then hte server will have 3GB. I am not using this PC for anything else anyways. DO you think I could even put 2.5GB and leave Windows with 500mb?

    Also I am aware I will need a more powerful CPU for this. I plan on gettin some donations, then move to BeastNode Hosting. For now I really have no money to pay it.
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    The Xms and Xmx values are just for the heap. You still need memory for Bukkit, Java, and the OS. I'd think 1536m would be about the maximum. Try different values and see what happens. You can use Task Manager to check the overall memory usage.
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    Try running spigot, it is an optimized craftbukkit. Also set java priority to HIGH in Task Manager.
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    Is this PC doing anything other than running a MC server? You can always put a Linux distro such as Ubuntu Server on it.
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    You could also try a different OS. I know it sounds scary, but linux is lightweight and can allow you to allocate more RAM to your server. Also, are you home hosting? if so, your ISP may be throttling your connection speeds. You may have 50 down, but your users need your up too. so, if you only have 10 up, you may be in trouble. do a simple speed test from your machine and see what your ISP is actually giving you.
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    Ok well last night I have set to 2500mb. The server did end of stream" crashes several times... Eventhough the TPS was pretty good 2 sec before it.. I dont know if this is what caused it. Today I'l try with 2Gb.
    I downloaded spigot, will see if ths helps :)
    No, as I have said, the explorer.exe is completely killed, and the java.exe process is set at high. I would have loved to install ubuntu if I hadnt to use 1000 commands till having a running os xD.
    Same, I tried linux before, and it is pretty scary.. Everything has to be done trough a command. I could try of course if nothing else helps..
    Also yes I have home hosting, but I posted my speeds up there,
    "The internet connection I have is a 50mbps down and around 50mbps up with a ping of 3ms (in the same country). The results to New-York were: 150ping, 10mbps down and 20mbps up.
    Those results were generated by speedtest.net .. I guess this is the worst case, it can go better, idk."
    But probabliy the ping is the issue? Is 160ms too much? (from here to newyork).
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    160 is not bad. I play with pigs in the 600 to 1200 ms range for my job and well, it causes problems for voice calls. anyhoo, on your problem, if your ISP says you have 50 down and 50 up, then you should be ok. It doesn't sound like a latency issue. More like a RAM issue. In my early days of running a VPS, i had maybe 2GB of RAM on my linux box. I capped the users to 30. This caused problems during my peak usage times. The server would lag so bad we would end up with "read time out" messages and then the server would crash. I have since upgraded to 3GB on my linux VPS and have had no problems. From what it sounds like you may be suffering from over usage of your server. Find a spare machine and try to configure it for linux. you don't need all sorts of bells and whistles for a linux box. just straight command line. you can always research what packages you need.
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    That is a fair amount of resource-intensive plugins. I believe I read in the devilish fine print in the labyrinth that is Beastnode's terms, that the 30 player cap for 1gb was for a vanilla server, with no plugins. I can see why it may be crashing out with that many plugins. try to take some out, and see if it runs any better.
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    Your CPU speed is probably the bottle neck. I would suggest:

    • Running spigot
    • Install Ubuntu (non-server version)
    • Install another 1GB of ram from newegg.com (should be like $20 from the way your computer sounds) then allocate 1 more GB of ram to the server
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