2 Servers connect to 1 IP?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by premiumhhh, May 25, 2013.

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    Does anyone know how to make it so 2 servers connect to the same ip?

    So for 'example'

    Server 1: mc.impactedpvp.net
    Server 2: <-- fake.

    So how would I make it so if they connect to, they'll connect to mc.impactedpvp.net
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    Yes it is possible, make your server at the number ip and just forward your domain to it.
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    Or just set up your DNS to forward both x.whatever.net and y.whatever.net forward to the same IP. Note that you can't have an actual IPv4 address forward to a different IPv4 address, unless the server (with the first IP) itself acts as a proxy and redirects incoming traffic to the other server (with the actual IP).

    In re-reading your question, it seems that (speculating) you've been running a server on and now want all your users to use the DNS (mc.whatever.net). In this case you'd want anyone connecting to the old IP to be sent to the new DNS. There's no easy way to do this; it's mostly a process of rebranding to ensure that everyone knows the new setup and how to connect to it -- even if you setup something like a proxy to redirect to the new domain, they're not going to notice if it's a seamless transfer, which is what you'd want for people to be able to play who still have the IP stored. The best thing to do is just set your MOTD to the new domain so people are aware of it. Hope that makes sense.
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    Not really sure how to do this.


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    Are you saying that you want to link two servers together? In the form of a cloud server? This is actually pretty simple. You need something called "BungeeCord". This is basically a proxy server, that when connected to via one ip address, it sends you to a default server which you can define within the config. This is NOT a plugin, infact it is it's own separate server. You can also access other servers (defined through the config), by the /server command!

    A couple things to note for bungeecord, is that it can only be run on private machines. Meaning your own computer, or a dedicated server/vps. I highly recommend you use a dedicated server or vps because of the fact bungeecord takes up a lot of bandwidth depending on your player traffic.
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    "this" <- define
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    I'm not sure how to go about this whole process.

    I don't want to "link" them together, I just want it so if they connect to one ip, it'll connect to the other.

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    Ohhh I think I see what you mean now. Are you trying to connect 2 servers to one IP/Domain name? Or a website and a server to the same domain?
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    Yeah 2 servers to 1 ip.
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    You would have to have one server running on non-standard port. People would connect to either mc.impactedpvp.net(standard port) or mc.impactedpvp.net:25566 (non-standard port).

    If you want two different domain names, eg. mc.impactedpvp.net and mc2.impactedpvp.net, you need to set up a DNS SRV record for the server with non-standard port, e.g., _minecraft._tcp.mc2.impactedpvp.net
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    Ok I have 2 servers,


    I want to connect to mc.impactedpvp.net
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    Your statements are conflicting. Do you have 2 servers, or do you want 2 IP addresses to connect to the same, single server?

    Which of the following do you want? And is the server being hosted on or some other IP address?

    Mc.impactedpvp.net ------> server1 ----------> server2

    Mc.impactedpvp.net ---+---> server1 -------^
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    Ok I want mc.impactedpvp.net as "
    So basically, "mc.impactedpvp.net" is my main server, but I also have another server "", I just want to make it so if they connect to "" they'll end up on "mc.impactedpvp.net"
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    I don't think that can be done with Minecraft. You would have to do that via routing in your LAN, which would depend on your particular configuration.
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    Some other servers have it that way?
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    You have to be able to route both IP address to the same computer. Can you do that with your network?
  17. So you want people to get to the same server whatever "IP" they chose among the two? Migrate your server to and setup your DNS so that Mc.impactedpvp.net is forwarded to

    I think people don't understand exactly what you want, if that's not it, try to explain more clearly.
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    You could easily do it the other way around. Host the server on and have mc.impactedpvp.net point to

    That's easy.
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    Rather not have to trasnfer everything :\
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    Basically, you cannot have one IP connecting to two different servers. It is impossible.
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    How come, other servers have it?
  22. because they give you the real IP and a domain name. In your case, is not the ip your domain redirects to.
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    You want 2 IP addresses connecting to 1 server. You have two choices, both of which I described.
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    If the server is Running on the IP of Server 2, then you can have the domain name of Server 1 (mc.impactedpvp.net) redirect to the IP of Server 2. Then they can join threw either one and still reach the same server.
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    http://gyazo.com/a038360f153d9919f5e611fc65982128 <--- Server 1

    http://gyazo.com/3506e9d8e123bdaa2a471952d9d94e4d <--- Server 2

    But, you CANNOT post 2 servers that lead to the ip just from changing it in cloudfare.....

    So, how do they do it?

    For example, if I have mc.impactedpvp.net , and mc1.impactedpvp.net on PMC. It'll remove 1 of the posts right away.

    So If I have a PMC post on mc.impactedpvp.net, and then make another mc1.impactedpvp.net <-- It'll remove "mc.impactedpvp.net" and keep the mc1.impactedpvp.net
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    Look I know how they do it and it's realy logical if you have server 1 running and not server 2 then it will connect to server 1 then you switch it around like server 1 if offline and server 2 is up that is how they do it. Or just make them each have different ports like 1 is 25565 and the other is 25566 or something like that.
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    How would I change the port?
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    Please use google.
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    I'm not sure how to change the port if i'm not the one hosting the sever.. because it's on a dedicated host.

    If I change the port, it would change the port to the whole server?

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    Then you can't change the port.
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