1v1 Plugin with no KeepInventory or Kits

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SilendSilv, Dec 9, 2022.

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    Minecraft version: 1.19.2

    Suggested name: Survival1v1

    What I want: a simple 1v1 plugin where you click on a sign, get teleported into an random arena and the loser drops the items.. before the winner gets teleportet out of the arena there should be a 10 second delay so he can pickup the items.

    Ideas for commands:
    /s1v1 arena [create {name}], [delete {name}], (list)
    /s1v1 arena setspawn1 / setspawn2
    /s1v1 signqueue

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible.
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    Just a thought. Rather than having the delay for the player to pick up the item, perhaps have the player that was killed's inventory get directly transferred to the winner's inventory? That would save time and make it a little less cumbersome.
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    yeah sure, the main thing is that the winner gets the other player inventory
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    I can make this for you. What should the sign texts say to work?
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    something like [s1v1}
    "number of people in the queue"
    "satus of queue (if person is searching or not)"
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    Just wanted to update you. I got a little busy with final exams and stuff. But I am almost done with your request. Also, what do you want /signqueue to do?

    update: Do you want the sign to be specific to each arena specified on line 1? Or do you just want the sign to add the player to any arena that is available?
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    Here you go! Tested with 1.12 - 1.19.3

    Source Code: https://github.com/mehboss/SurvivalPvP
    - s1v1.admin (arena creation/deletion)
    - s1v1.queue (ability to check the queue)
    - s1v1.leave (ability to leave a queue before the game starts).

    - Line 1 must say "S1v1"
    - Line 2 is optional. Leave blank for any arena or specify an arena to queue with.
    - Rest will autofill ;)

    Commands: (syntax is /arena)
    - /s1v1 arena create/delete [name]
    - /s1v1 arena setspawn1/setspawn2 [name]
    - /s1v1 leave - Allows a player to leave the queue before the game starts.
    - /s1v1 list - Lists all arenas created.
    - /s1v1 queue - Checks the queue.

    # SurvivalPvP (1.0)
    # Made by Mehboss
    # Report any bugs via pm
    # Made to work with 1.19
    # Permissions: s1v1.admin / s1v1.leave / s1v1.queue
    # Hunger on/off
    Hunger: true
    # Amount of seconds to pickup items
    Pickup-Seconds: 10
    Game-Start: '&c[PvP] &fThe game has &a&lBEGUN.&f Your opponent is&c %opponent%. &fLast one alive wins!'
    Spawnpoint-1: '&c[PvP] &fSuccessfully set spawnpoint 1 for arena&c %arena%'
    Spawnpoint-2: '&c[PvP] &fSuccessfully set spawnpoint 2 for arena&c %arena%'
    Arena-Created: '&c[PvP] &fYou have successfully created the arena&c %arena%'
    Arena-Deleted: '&c[PvP] &fYou have successfully removed the arena&c %arena%'
    Arena-Found: '&c[PvP] &fFailed to create arena. An arena with this name exists already.'
    No-Arena: '&c[PvP] &fArena not found. Please double check spelling and make sure the arena exists &c(CaSeSeNsItIvE)'
    No-Arenas: '&c[PvP] &fYou must first create an arena using &c/s1v1 arena create [name]'
    Arena-Full: '&c[PvP] &fSpecified arena full. Searching elsewhere..'
    Already-In-Queue: '&c[PvP] &fYou are already in the queue for arena&c %arena%. &fType &e/s1v1 leave &fto cancel.'
    Joined-Full-Queue: '&c[PvP] &fThe queue is now full. The game will start in 5 seconds. &c(%arena%).'
    Added-To-Queue: '&c[PvP] &fYou have been added to the queue for&c %arena%. &fWaiting for one more player.'
    Not-In-Queue: '&c[PvP] &fYou are not currently in a queue.'
    Left-Queue: '&c[PvP] &fYou have successfully left the queue for arena&c %arena%.'
    # Remove announced messages completely if not wanted
    Defeat-Player: '&c[PvP]&c %winner% &fhas defeated&c %loser% &fin arena&e %arena% &fduring a fight! &c&lTHEY WIN!'
    Defeat-Unknown: '&c[PvP] &c%loser% &fhas died from &cunknown causes.&c %winner% &c&lWINS.'
    # Remove timed pickup and congrats msg completely if not wanted
    Winner-Congrats: '&c[PvP] &fYou have &a&lWON&f the game. Congratulations!'
    Timed-Pickup: '&c[PvP] &fYou have &cten seconds&f to pickup the loot before it disappears!'
    Player-Left: '&c[PvP] &fYour opponent left the queue. You have been put back in the queue.'
    Could-Not-Start: '&c[PvP] &fCould not start game. Both spawn locations have not been set for this arena &c(%arena%). &fPlease contact staff.'
    No-Available-Arenas: '&c[PvP] &fAll arenas are full. Please try again later or contact staff to create more arenas.'
    No-Perms: '&c[PvP] &fYou are lacking the permission &c[s1v1.queue/leave/admin]'
    # Add multiple end commands
      - 'spawn %winner%'
      - '&cInvalid args! Use:'
      - '&7/s1v1 arena create/delete [name]'
      - '&7/s1v1 arena setspawn1/setspawn2 [name]'
      - '&7/s1v1 leave'
      - '&7/s1v1 list'
      - '&7/s1v1 queue'
    I've made the queue to prioritize waiting arenas if not specifying an arena. Dropped items will despawn if not picked up within the specified amount of seconds. If you find any bugs please feel free to PM me. Thanks!

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