1.9 Simple Vampire Plugin

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Would you like this plugin??

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    Ross Gosling

  2. Hmmmm I currently have a big project I'm working on (it's secret :p ) but I like this idea because the other monster plugins are quite bloated. I may have a go at some point today and see what happens :)
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    This won't be developed for a while though, since they are not doing pre-release bukkit.

    I like it though.

    Here's a page you will want to check regularly.

  4. I'm currently developing this plugin actually :p I just have to find time because of my college work which is also currently programming :p
    EDIT: Reading your current updates you may be best off following the progress of the MassiveCraft Vampire plugin in the link posted above. I've seen the source code to their plugin and the features that you want have complex code :p
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    Ross Gosling

    Yeah if you can create this plugin to my specifications ill be very happy :)
    And good luck with your programming exam/coursework:D
  6. Thanks although it's not programming for computers it's programming a microchip :p I'll be able to do some of the features but I think the massivecraft vampire plugin might be better soon as it already has some of the complex features you want :p though I'll try anyway because it's quite a fun project :D
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    @Ross Gosling
    sounds really interesting, maybe I pick it up (for you or just for myself).
  8. A lot of these features I cannot add yet :p
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    Ross Gosling

    yeah =L
    your project for 1.0 =D

    randomer is going to be making this plugin probably =)

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    Don't forget:

    - Can't cross running water
    - Can't open any doors you didn't place
  11. I actually already added a feature similar to that (the can't open other peoples doors) but it's better in my opinion, because if you place a certain block on the floor they cant go past it and suffer damage :p so if they attempt to force into a house with that block under the door they suffer damage :p
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    Or. You could continue this plugin
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    Ross Gosling

    My server has Towny plot protection so could the door feature be optional =)

    EDIT: just saw you said a certain block?
  14. Yea a configurable block that when placed acts like a cross to vampires :p I'll make it optional anyway :)
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    Ross Gosling

    ok cool, btw i'm adding everyones suggestions to the thread so it can act like your check list :)
  16. Ok I'll make sure to add as many as possible though I will release before I've added most :) that way I can update it with more features and bug fixes whilst allowing people to use it :)
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    o.o Skip my comment? What ever.
  18. The request I'm filling out is for a vampire plugin and vampires alone :) I may have a look at that plugin if I get time but I'm very busy :)
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    I love this idea. Go for it!
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    Ross Gosling


    to the thread i added a bit about that if there is only one vampire it cannot cure itself before another player becomes a vampire
  21. So like a head vampire type of thing?

    Also I just released you didn't give me a method of initial infection :p so how does one become a vampire if there is no vampire yet? I was going to put this then realized you want a command which is already in :p

    Oh and I added my own idea though I'll remove it if you want :p if a vampire is standing on obsidian then the sun doesn't bother them :p thought that may add to the darkside of vampires :p

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    Ross Gosling

    urm... i dunno someone may like the feature i dunno if i'd like it =/, its the same thing as the standing on a blcok and being hurt thing =/ i just dont know if i'd like the option but if its optional i can always try it out

    urm i was thinking that the starter vampire just wouldnt be able to cure them selves until they infect someone else, so there always has to be atleast one vampire as the last one cannot cure themselves

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  23. Lol they were just ideas anyway
  24. https://github.com/randomer679/Vampires you can monitor the progress on this git repo if you want (it also contains my own custom vampire plugin that I've decided to do whilst doing this one :p )
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    Ross Gosling

    Hows the plugin coming? your github says it hasn't changed since November :(
  26. Had to wait for a new bukkit release to add most of the features you want :) just noticed bukkit has a new RB :D I'll get back to it soon :)
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    Ross Gosling

    Yay :D Looking forward to it =)
  28. Still a lot of the things I need are not implemented yet :( I think I may be forced to help out with bukkit :p try and see if I can somehow add the things I need lol
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    Ross Gosling

    ok lol
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    What is this 1.9 you speak of :p

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