"1.8 Whats taking so long?" Stop nagging!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Claryn, Sep 14, 2011.

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    lol your a bit late to the show, but thanks for adding another thread to the list!
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    The impatient people should try to realize that Bukkit devs are working as fast as they can.

    You might consider flipping them a few bucks if you can, considering how large this update is.
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    I just did. Once I found out 1.8 was out, donated them some bucks :)
    They are really doing a great job.
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    For the sake of clarity, that "you" wasn't necessarily directed at you ;)
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    66%. GOGO Bukkit! :)
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    I've been waiting for this update to make my server public. :D
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    What exactly does "Done?" mean?

    70.08% :D:D:D[diamond]
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    Another pointless thread. Oh boy.
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    Man, if you don't like them you don't have to read them, let alone reply.
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    Yep - another useless thread to whine about useless threads forcing me to post useless posts regarding useless threads :p :p
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    you know how when school gets snowed out everyone posts the same fb status saying "NO SCHOOL!" and then 10 minutes later everyones status is "OMG shutt up yall nobody cares!". You get repeats of people making a dumb post but whats even more aggravating is the 500 people trying to patrol facebook and tell people to be quiet. Stupid posts are going to be made, theres no reason to make this post in response. Do you really think anybody dumb enough to ask if bukkit is released yet is going to be smart enough to read this thread?
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    Soooooo... when is it gonna come out then? I still don't see a date/time anywhere on this thread. :(
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    There has to be a loop somewhere!
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    Unless they took away character limits.
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    Well once we finish maxing out the character limit we can post a thread complaining that the forum doesnt allow people to type enough in one topic and start posting links to topics that were maxed out.
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    hmm.. let's find out!

    after I am finished with this.
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    Someone on xF.com's actually developing a anti-dupe thread plugin.
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    Ah, poor dev team... 1.8.1 is out already~ ^.^;
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    Team bukkit gonna win for sure. Bukkit can hold anything!
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    "Minecraft 1.8.1 is up, fixing a shift click bug!"

    Uh, i hope Notch really didn't fixed just one bug. Seems like he tries to annoy the bukkit team a bit. *g
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    I'm starting to hate 1.8 juuuust because of all these dam threads.
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