1.8 update

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favourite part of 1.8

  1. new mobs

  2. new modes

  3. new dungeons, strongholds, ect...

  4. other

  5. I dont like 1.8

  6. I dont like minecraft (in which case what are you doing on this forum lol)

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    hi everyone, I was just hoping that somebody could post when the new update for minecraft bukkit update 1.8 comes out, because knowing me I'll completely forget or check everyday for weeks and after 1-2 weeks give up on my server lol! so anyway I really appreciate it and thanks again.
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    I think this is the wrong place to post this... But anyway my favorite feature is hunger and the eating animation ;)
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    sorry about putting it in the wrong place, I'm kind of a noob to literately everything here, not just installing things put putting treads in the right place. Anyway, yeh I'm really looking forward to hunger, makes it much more realistic! animations are not huge for me. Problem is though that if your running on a terrible computer it'll be rough on it, I'm okay with my macbook pro though :)
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    There really isn't much you can do. I recommend just checking every couple of days. There probably won't be a RECOMMENDED build for about a week (they will probably have a dev build working in under a day...but you probably don't want to use that).
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    Damnit, you made me think they released 1.8 just now >_<
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    Don't worry, you have another 3 or 4 days from now until all hell breaks lose.
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    I just want the new huge biomes! :D
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