1.8 Update around the corner?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rasmenar, Feb 12, 2014.

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    There's not an incredible amount of new content in the 1.8 update, unless you design adventure maps. Which is what I do. This update is giving mapmakers a lot of incredible new tools for adventure map design. Allowing use of more commands, allowing mapmakers to specify specifically what blocks an item can destroy (Still wondering if this works on TNT explosions), limit what blocks a block can be placed on (for example, this Lever can only be placed on Chiseled Stone Bricks, allowing you to activate a circuit to unlock a door), and some improvements to the scoreboard (which can be used to display map objectives).

    Also, slimeblocks. Trampolines and they stick to other blocks for circuit designs, a piston will pull the slime block and any block it is attached to.

    So my question is this: Does anyone know if they've obfuscated the same amount of code with this new update as they did for 1.7? I seem to recall that the Dev team had a hell of a time getting an update out because of the vast quantity of content in 1.7, are we going to be looking at something similar here?
  2. I am pretty sure that the Minecraft server jar still is obfuscated, but i can not judge what amounts of code changed. Given that new features don't seem to be too many, there could be lots of internal changes. But i am not an insider, nor insider of decompiling Minecraft.
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    As long as the internals for all of the current stuff that is in 1.7 stays the same, the deobfuscator should be able to pick it up and change it into readable format. There are ways of getting the source you want back so long as the code stays relatively the same.

    Though if the internals on everything change a lot (like a rewrite) then it will take a long time again
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