1.7.8 can't load up player files?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by vortex25565, Apr 12, 2014.

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    I have tried updating my server, but the console keeps telling me that the player files in my world files are old and must be deleted. Is this needed to update my server? Or is there a way I can still use the old player files.
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    I have the same problem... and now I cant even go back to 1.7.5 and use them... because they were deleted
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    sandlin6 I wish there was some way to convert the player files
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    I have a 1.7.5 server and everything is fine here o.o...
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    1.7.8 is now using UUID's instead of usernames(In preparation for name changes in 1.8). Do you have any inventory management plugins?
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    I was just asking incase they were the problem xD

    I use Multiverse Inventories, but I haven't updated past 1.7.6 yet.
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    Id rather not have players lose their inventories due to an update...

    Well I ended updating my server to 1.7.8 bukkit beta build.
    Nothing changed...
    Kept my inventory as well. Weird lol.

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    If you update to 1.7.8 then revert to something like 1.7.5, all players will loose their inventories! Accidently just did it on my server, such sad :(
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    Lol ^ didn't know that. Glad I do now.
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    Does anyone know of any way to recover from this? Are the player files actually deleted or are references to them just reset?
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    I had this problem too, but I finally resolved it. Thankfully, I was migrating the server to a new machine as I updated it. I updated to the latest dev build (3050), created a players folder under the world's folder, and I moved each player's file at a time, restarting the server after every file was moved. For some reason, bukkit doesn't like trying to convert all files at once, but it'll handle one at a time. Hopefully you don't have TOO many players. I was "blessed" with only 10.

    If they have already logged on and don't mind losing their new inventory, you can delete their file under the playerdata folder (it's named by their UUID so you'll have to look that up) and move the old file into the new version. When they log on next, they'll have their previous inventory.
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    Theres a tool you can use that allows you to find a Players UUID from their username. once found, just go to your main worlds folder, playerdata (folder), then search for the UUID that the tool gave you. rename it the exact username of the player, and put it in the normal "players" folder. Welcome.
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    Yeah, the player files went from Qwahchees.dat to <Qwahchees' UUID>.dat, which is my unique number per-se. The only way to revert this change is to rename the uuid file to qwahchees, which without a tool, seems like a pain in the ass.

    I don't think there's a tool around, so go write Mojang an email angrily demanding a tool for this.
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