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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by d4m, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Not asking when. I see the million other posts about it.

    My question involves moving stuff from a 1.7.3 world to a 1.9 world. The players on my server have created a huge area of buildings above ground encompassing some 300x500 area and some great underground structures and redstone machines, etc.

    • Can you take an enormous chunk of one world and move it to another with say WorldEdit, i.e. from a 1.7.3 world to a 1.9.
    • Will chunks which have not yet been created in the 1.7.3 world, but when updated to 1.9, will new generated chunks use the new biome algos?
    • Would I be better off just starting fresh? I'd prefer not to since the current seed is very good even with 1.7.3 Amazing hills mountains and cliffs, overhangs, pandora like floating hills, tons of clay and resources, sheets of ice overhanging areas on huge bodies of frozen bodies of water, etc, but if its necessary to start over, its necessary.

    Thank you for your responses and the continued development of bukkit and its plugins.
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    you could save schematics and then import then, if worldedit is updated for 1.9 of course by then ;)
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    You can also just use your existing map with 1.9 and any new chunks generated will be 1.9 style. There is talk of making an auto smoothing program, or you can use something like MCEdit to manually smooth the edges.
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    I'd just use MCEdit, since WE DC's you, and only works when server is running.
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    I plan to use MCEdit for mine. Just export the selected area, create a new world, import old area, and all chunks other than the ones imported will be new 1.8 -1.9 generated.

    To answer the other questions, yes, if you keep the same world, any new chunks not yet created will use new type chunks.
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    Thanks for the answers guys. I'll end up keeping the old world then and let it make the new chunks.

    It is really and truly the sexiest seed I have ever seen. If anyone wants to see what it looks like, feel free.
    -1784338777788894343 on 1.7.3

    You got pandora like spires, floating islands, sheer cliffs, lava falls above ground, lava pools on the surface (not a 1x1, 6x10s etc) tons and tons of clay, tons of overhangs, nooks and niches that are so dark in daytime they spawn tons of mobs. I've explored around 6000m from spawn in radius in nearly every direction and its beautiful.
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    Try using the worldedit //restore command to copy from an older world into a newer one. The performance is noticeably better than other methods.
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    last time i checked we where @ 1.8 :p
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    Most important part, BACKUP your world folders first. Then back those up.
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    why all the 1.9 discussion???
    did i sleep through 1.8 or something?
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    It's going to be a re-run of 1.8, like a very bad soap you keep seeing on TV.
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    Why can't you just keep the previous map, i always just convert it or keep it. I don't find reason it wiping great stuctures people have created just for a few random hilly areas. I get that the map would look a bit nicer but i much prefer keeping my stuff.

    Imagine if every time you were almost 15th prestige in COD you got reset because that would piss me off!
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    I plan on running 2 worlds, so I can still build and visit my stuff and others stuff from our original wolrd, but also have a new pristine world with all the new goodies.
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    I've trained my community to be numb to these changes. I also back up maps and open them to download for those who want to keep going.
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    Why upgrade the server to 1.8, when 1.9 is not that far off? Bukkit isn't 1.8 yet. No plugins are 1.8. Why even tease the MP server with 1.8? Just the way I feel. At 35, I've developed a ton of patience, 2 kids helps with that.

    For others it may seem like an eternity waiting to Nov/Dec, but its is not that far off to me.
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