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    I am working on a medieval mmorpg minecraft server. I have everything setup but one problem is that I am only wanting mobs to spawn from mob spawners than naturally. If there is any way someone could make this idea a plugin, then I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if any of you know any plugins with these capabilities then please make a reply naming it and also how its done. Thanks!

    Plugin Name:

    Nothing fancy, maybe something like MobSpawning or MobSpawnerEditor. Both would work.


    I'd expect most of the settings would be edited in a config file but I would mainly just want a reload command to reload the edits I make in the config.
    /mse reload, /ms reload

    Thanks everyone! :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Thanks for the reply! Ill check it out.
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    SpawnerAdjuster is a great one.

    It Lets You

    Right Click To Change Their Type
    Craft Spawners (Requires An Addon Plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/spawneradjuster-recipe-addin/)
    Get Spawners Back On Breaking
    Force Spawners To Spawn With Redstone Current

    I work on the Recipe Add-In And Client Mod. The Client Mod allows you to get it in creative mode and pick block it. However, I still need to update it for 1.6.2. Recipe Add-In should work.

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