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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ke4zzy, Mar 13, 2013.

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    At one time I remember being able to try out the new dev builds. But this time around with 1.5 I've noticed that people are talking about downloading it from http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/704/ But I have had no luck, as It is only for an elite few, and I'm not elite.
    Does anyone have any private uploads of a 1.5 build that I can download for the time being, so that at least allow my players to join our server? We are dead in the water during this time, and I do appreciate all the work that goes into these builds. I also understand that it takes time for these things to happen.
    It's just a bit frustrating to see all the 1.5 bukkit servers running and I can't even get my hands on a copy. lol Thanks so much for the Dev team of Bukkit. Keep up the good work.
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    There's no 1.5. The 1.5 people are showing you is a beta-build (Minecraft beta), and is VERY old. When a new build is out, you will be told.
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    It's funny, because we're around build #2700 currently. The one you're trying to download is #704, which is Minecraft BETA 1.5.
    A build will be out when a build will be out.
  4. Most people are right about the #704. There is a lot of players on my server (Mostly added me on skype), asking me to update the server. We would prob have to wait a day or two for the Dev/Beta build.
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    They ask only children, by 1.5, Wise is responsible Administartor "maybe next year" with children there is nothing to discuss
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    What the hell did I just read...?
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    Who the hell is going to download a Minecraft Beta 1.5 build..? Lol.
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    still have no idea what the hell this is supposed to mean?
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