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    While F5'ing Bukkit's Twitter account most of today, that thought occurred to me as well. But, from what I know of lawyers, they can make anything happen if they REALLY want to (that's why they don't have the most savory of public images, typically). And certainly Notch has enough money to hire some really good ones, if this was what he really wanted to do.

    I can imagine at least one argument myself without legal training, haha. Perhaps the law-man would say "Because the original Bukkit code was illegitimately derived from the copyrighted work of another author, its developers had no right to create any such license in the first place." And who knows where the legalese would go from there.

    Point is, so long as all interested parties were on the same page (Bukkit guys want a job, Notch wants rights to the Bukkit code, no one has any objections), I'm sure a lawyer could work it out. Then again, perhaps you're right -- and if you are, I'd STILL bet Bukkit WILL die because its original authors will stop working on it, and be replaced by this new "thing" that the Bukkit guys, I guess, have been hired to make. Maybe someone will pick up the original open-source Bukkit torch, but if users flock naturally along the path of least resistance, they'll probably just go to the new "thing" and stop using Bukkit, rendering it irrelevant anyways.
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    I see, can someone please give me a link to the jar that allows LWC, No cheat and essentials to work on 1.2? thanks.
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    You should be mad at Mojang for updating too much. I remember back in beta, updates were exciting and weren't often. Now they are every month! It's making me so mad because they release a new update, then I have to wait for an RB or stable dev build, then I only have a month or 2 before they update again.
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    Notorious, for me all of the dev's builds today work with LWC(right now they're at 2008). However, a LOT of other things still do not work, not to mention once you start your server up with the new jar, all of your original maps/worlds are going to be converted, changing the way they work in terms of land/chunk/biome generation and etc. I will tell you that none of them are very stable when it comes to land/chunk generation yet. They are VERY buggy. I can give you a link to both the jar AND the evidence that it's not a good idea, or you can take my word for it. Give it overnight and we'll see where they get.
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    Will current dev-bukkit(no plugins) perform better than vanilla at this point? Server owners? I'm just wandering if bukkit handles memory better...
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    No. You're better off playing with Vanilla for now.
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    Thank You for the reply! I figured that out after checking bug tracker :D
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    Ok, now most of the plugins has updated, atleast they have a dev build available. But I still miss 1..
    Can someone please take a look at this. Take the source code and update it? Would be grateful if someone did! :)
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    Oh Really hey? Every Month? Tell me, last month, what update did Mojang release? The month before? Give me a break. Stop being so retarded and exaggerating.

    Jesus Christ. How about just wait until Bukkit goes to release and then wait for the Dev to properly update it.

    Seriously, You dumb kids make me want to quit Hosting a server

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    Is there anything for rage like these?
    Let him ask his question dude ;D
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    Well, as a server adminstrator I want my server to be updated quick.
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    Well il start with its kinda hard to find some think when little kids spam ask every little thing and posting it like 3times and then they try to run a server
    cause Realy they Dont know how to Come on who sets every 1 to an op have Ranks guys On a good note plugins below i go working !

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    Ok, first of all, I didn't understand a shit of what you said.
    Im just asking nicely if someone could please update Block Protection.. whats up with all the hate?

    And btw, try this.
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    well ya going to have to wait for them to update the plugin Do YOU under stand THAT

    btw try this http://bukkit.org/
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    Well, the dev is inactive! And the plugins you listed, I have all of them updated, except NoCheat.
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    well there is the unfinished code why dont you update it your Self
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    Is there any way I can track these two and watch their posts? I enjoy watching people rage like that over something like Bukkit. It is EXTRAORDINARILY hilarious and entertaining.
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    Dinnerbone and the rest of the crew doin' WORK today. They've made a lot of progress. Big thanks. Shouldn't be too much longer to a stable build.
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    Lol calm down bro! The way you act towards people makes you sound as if you're a lonely troll and everyone hates you. Seriously, I can't even imagine anyone who would be friends with a person who takes things this serious. :p
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    I know, and when I write back to him (maybe said some roughly things:p) Archelaus remove it...
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    Anyone is going to fix the lighting in 1.2 multiplayer? These radioactive jungles are kinda cool of course, but I don't think it is intended to be like that :)
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    I'm so sick of the lighting glitches in 1.2, they're really annoying and I don't want to start a new map until they're fixed.
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    I missed what you said, but it's the first time I've seen a mod edit someone's post.

    Could be worse! You could NOT have Minecraft :p

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