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    Far as I know there isn't one right now, and it looks like from early reports that the vast majority of plugins in general are going to need some serious updating. Should have waited to update! (Kidding, see my post a few spots up).
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    Its not the bukkit dev builds you should be seeking, you should be asking the plugin developers for a release that will work for bukkit dev 1.2. All the bukkit dev builds seem to work just fine long as you arnt using 1.1 plugins which basically means your plugin folder should be empty :D.
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    Downgrade, take a while before developers update their plugins..

    I know Hawkeye works, but with protection you mean something like WorldGuard or blockprotection?
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    Calling it a partnership is a bit strange. The core Bukkit dev team are now employees of Mojang. They work for the company. Even so, I don't know how much it'll help with this release of Bukkit. There hasn't been enough time to get anything in place to help with the Bukkit release process. As far as I know, it's still business as usual. In other words, lots of grunt work to map out and verify everything is working with the obfuscated class files.
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    I know this thread is mainly about plugin issues, but does anyone know what the deal is with the new jungle biome for servers upgrading to 1.2? Will it randomly re-assign some areas of existing maps to jungle, only work for newly generated chunks in existing maps, or only work with completely new maps?
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    Well, what's in a name? I didn't expect that the two teams coming together (whatever you want to call that process) would result in any immediate coding/technical things. But, I WAS hoping it would result in some simple solutions to communication and timing. Apparently, they're both still working without regard for the other. I may not be one of them fancy game developer types, by I dun larned me that a simple phone call and a simple plan (i.e. timing the release of Minecraft 1.2 with the RB of Craftbukkit) can sometimes make a HUGE difference. Apparently they're all still too much of computer geeks, trapped in their respective consoles, to, you know, like, TALK to each other or make simple plans together.

    Guess that's too much to ask. Sorry.

    Or maybe making simple plans and doing basic communication is too "corporate." Better to leave your users/server admins out of the loop and spring stuff on them out of no where than be "corporate."
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    Only if you have a proper backup of that folder or disk can you do this.
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    Welp...leaving my server in 1.1 for the time being...wish minecraft had a build list on their site instead of just the most recent client...
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    And as for still having to do the deobfuscation and all that -- don't you think step 2 after Mojang saying "Hey come on board and help develop a new modding API for our game" would be "Oh, and here's the source code for you to work with?"

    These guys seem to make mountains out of molehills with this stuff.
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    I never backuped my .minecraft folder, the backup just was there :p
    They can try, and see if its a backup there.
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    I'm not sure if we're allowed to post this (just let me know and I'll take it off), but it seems like some of you may be looking for this. Since 1.0, I've been compiling Minecraft .minecraft folders, and uploading them, mostly for people that are quick to update even though my server hasn't updated yet.
    (Note: the 1.1 folder has Improved Chat built in, and 1.0 had Improved Chat and Rei's Minimap). Information is included in the readme files.

    Nevermind. It probably violates the Mojang TOS
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    I don't think you can upload your .jar
    See: https://account.mojang.com/terms
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    Ah, fair enough.

    Though in that case, Mojang either needs to say that redistro for this reason is allowed, or start their own archive of each version.

    I have noticed that other servers (Minecraftia, etc...) also do the same thing. Just wondering if there is some loophole to the ToS.
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    The current Bukkit is unstable as hell. Tools don't decrease durability on use and hunger is messed up (goes from full to empty randomly in a matter of seconds). Plugins are my least concern right now. BUT I know that Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, NoCheat, LWC and and PermissionsBukkit work fine. For the first 3 I mentioned you need a dev build, the latter 3 work fine on their latest posted versions. I can run my server with these as soon as these severe bugs in Bukkit gets fixed.
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    I'm hoping the plugins I converted to R5 still work :/
    Will know tonight.
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    The whole thing doesn't make sense. I think I remember Notch saying something about the reasoning behind that, but if they didn't want people to share that with one another, I don't understand why they'd openly provide the public with the current jar files on their site. You don't even need to be signed into an account to get it, it's just THERE. I don't see anything wrong with sharing it. However, you might want to contact people privately to do it since there might be a lot of fan boys out there that would do whatever they could to "turn you in".

    Getting ready to try build #2000.

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    MCNostalgia does works great on downgrading. Why can't others use it?
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    • All caps - read the TOS
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    I have updated my server. But it says I got the "Developments version of CraftBukkit" or something. I don't know what to do, I mean.. should I use "Recommended Build"? <---Or does it even have something to do with "Developments"?
    Really confused,
    And I can't use my Plugins either, they have to be updated.. But pluginmakers says I don't need to update plugins..
    but now Bukkit says I have to.
    And not enough with problems, I can't download Recommended build because when I try to connect to ci.bukkit.org it says "502 Bad Gateway".
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    I try to take the source and update some of the plugins I use, but... I don't know anything about coding..
    Eg this:
    pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.BLOCK_PLACE, blockListener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.BLOCK_BREAK, blockListener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.PLAYER_JOIN, playerListener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.PLAYER_QUIT, playerListener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.PLAYER_INTERACT, playerListener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
    I get, Type cannot be resolved or is not a field
    and, Priority cannot be resolved or is not a field

    This is one of my most important plugin, so im asking for help..
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    what plugins works for 1.2 at the moment? i tested borderguard worked great =)
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    For all intents and purposes you should always use the latest "recommended" build. "Development" builds are version of the Craftbukkit server that are not "officially" approved of, and as such often have bugs and other issues. They are only provided at all to give other members of the community a "heads up" as far as the technicalities of the development process goes, and to give daring server admins a chance to test out their latest work on their behalf.

    From what I've been able to understand so far, I believe that the particular version of Craftbukkit the Bukkit devs are working on changes many aspects of the underlying code of the system overall. Therefore, even if in the past you never had to update certain plugins, you will now almost certainly have to wait for each individual plugin developer to come out with new versions. Some plugin developers have kind of "abandoned" their projects, and as such they may never make those changes. In the case of those plugins, you will have to either stop using the plugin or find a suitable replacement. (It stinks, trust me -- most of us will be in that same boat).

    As for the web site for the Craftbukkit downloads being down, they're likely receiving a lot of traffic on their web server for the download files, so it doesn't surprise me you're getting "bad gateway" errors. Most likely all that means is that you should check back to the web site a little later.

    I'd advise that now is probably not the best time to start messing with this stuff unless you're a pro. The underlying API is itself changing at an hourly pace -- even seasoned plugin developers are probably waiting for something a little more stable to stand on until they do too much further development/updating.

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    I know, but I really need this, and the plugin developer haven't updated it since nov/dec..
    Without this my server i fucked! And can might as well close it..
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    I think HomeX v0.7 still works even it hasn't been updated since CB #1000
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    Well as with everything in the development business, knowledge is power. You didn't even name the plugin you're working on, what aspect of it you're having trouble developing, or anything like that. I'm no developer, but I do know that sometimes those errors don't immediately mean anything without context. So, you might be on your own!
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    Ok, thank you very much!
    I hope that Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit and iConomy will be updated, That ones is important for my server.
    Is there a chance?..
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    Not trying to put you down, but you shouldn't have built a server to rely solely on plugins to be attractive to players. However, maybe this will inspire you to learn how to code? You can probably get the source code to that plugin and work on it yourself, if the developer truly isn't going to work on it anymore.
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    These plugins will probably be updated quick, since its the most used plugins.

    But I need a block protection plugin for mye server! :(
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    i forget ChestShop.
    Okay, sounds good :D
    Block protection.. Worldguard?
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