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    So I hear there coming out with a bug fix and a couple added features in the 1.2.4 that could be released as soon a s today

    will this break the plugins that i just got updated to the 1.2?

    and if I fail to update the server will the clients who hit yes update now will the still be able to access the server?
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    The 1.2.4 update will probably not break the plugins that got updated to 1.2 . 1.3 is the update that will break everything again.

    And the player(client) always need the same version as the server. Tell your player to backup their minecraft.jar in case they update.
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    When I try to connect to the latest craftbukkit beta 1.2.3 R2 wit the new Minecraft-1.2.4.jar it refused the connection with "outdated server"
    I suggest to not upgrade before the craftbukkit 1.2.4 is released. :)
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    I need it now I fix on my server then I got out of memory and I saw a update. :(
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    Dear Jeb, this is bull. ._.
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    WHY! Mojang WHY!
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    All these updates are sooooo annyoimg. Mojang, why not release every year one update? And not every second day. Also it seem that my performance gets worse after every update...

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    Where can i get the craftbukkit.jar for Minecraft 1.2.4??? Ive been looking everywhere.
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    There isn't any... not until they manually update... and isn't the Bukkit team in the process of moving to Sweden to work with Mojang or some crap? We're sooooooo fudged now. :mad:
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    Thanks bro :(
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    Since they are the ones freaking working on Minecraft too, shouldn't they update CB while updating MC, makes so much more sense to do it that way....
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    They're not merging MC and CB. They're making a modding API from scratch. God, I truly hope they're not abandoning CraftBukkit just yet... :eek:
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    The last RB was for 1.1 ;)
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    i heard somthing about Mojang and Bukkit working together to make CB releases almost instant after REALLY ANNOYING updates (like 1.2.3 to 1.2.4)i hope i wont have to redo ALL my plugins im doing on my 1.2.3 ready for the release of my server :/

    yeah they didnt even get an RB for 1.2.3? 1.1 RB was out faster? im not on the CB team so i dont know what it takes to get proper versions of CB out

    Just to say i have NOTHING against bukkit :L

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    There are beta builds. They polish the RB alot now. Your argument is wrong.
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    Can anyone at bukkit and craftbukkit give us an ETA on a dev build? I don't want to deal with players telling me (like I am to you, don't say it) that my server sucks because I don't upgrade. Just wondering what I can tell them.
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    The first RBs for 1.1 had pretty much the same quality as the Beta Builds for 1.2.3. They run pretty great.
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    Yeah, I've never had a problem running beta builds, I wonder why they are not RBs, their quality is great.
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    Really annoying for server owners! have to wait for the new version... many a time...Every year would be good BUT people MAY get bored of playing

    yeah Beta's are good! Dev's are the chuck lag, lighting is wierd bad updates

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    • Not acceptable behavior.
    lol fuck mojang me and a dev just finished a custom plugin TODAY, and this update came out...

    and i just installed my mods for 1.2.3, and now this 1.2.4 comes out go fuck yourself mojang
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    My expression to all these updates: OMGSERIOUSFUFUWUFU****.

    Onto common sense... Although these bug fixes may be needed in this update, why can't they seriously have more updates like the transition from 1.8 to 1.0, that was a decent amount of time in which the 1.0 had TONS of updated features which is much more of a happy feeling on the side of that you have to update your servers... otherwise us server owners/map makers have to do stuff that takes sometimes up to a month to re-configure/waiting for plugin updates/possible new map change.

    They shouldn't be calling it a finished game when they're still fixing "bugs". it should be branded Minecraft without a "Update version".. for example: As they've already made it apparently a "finished" game, when 2.0 comes they might as well call it "Minecraft 2".

    My final words leave me with this: They should have snapshots foresay Version 1.0> to lets say 2.0 when they might as well call it Minecraft2 like I said before.

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    Good thing I didn't go through and update all my plugins to just have this happen xD

    Patience is so handy when dealing with Mojang.
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    In my eyes they updating a way to fast.
    Every 3-4 month one update would be okay. But not like this :(
    It´s so annoying -.-"
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    Well every year isn't enough i agree. But i think something like every 4-6 months is fine. its still 22.03.12 now and 1.2.3 came out 29.02.12? That is less than a month People! The problem is for Server Owners who run larger Servers like me. I rely on donations and people are not gonna donate if the server is either buggy or not working at all! Cmon Mojang! isn't the bukkit team working with mojang? Are they still not gonna release source code to bukkit early? cause of right now i don't see the advantage for anyone of bukkit working with mojang. When they integrate Bukkit into vanilla, all the plugins will break. That is for sure because Bukkit cannot use the code then which they have right now! That is why i think they did the whole re-write for 1.2.3. They can now use a similar code to what they had before, or did i not understand that right? All in all, i like how they are trying to make the game a lot better by adding features which players have wanted forever! But please bundle it! Update less but add more into those Updates! Cause right now, Bukkit hasn't even had the chance to release an RB yet, although they released 3 Beta Builds.
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    so i guess no dev builds to start out? hmm.... not sure if i like this. At least having a dev build beforehand so people dont whine would be nice, oh well, yay for less bugs :D
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    tiss is very annoying i was working my ass off to get my server don before 23-3-2012 and now it need to update everything ARGHHH!
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    All you have to do is replace the craftbukkit.jar with the new one. It's a 30 second job :?
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    yeh.. remember that "Full Minecraft" during minecon

    epic false advertisement

    know the portal duping bug ? it still works till this day
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