1.1 To 1.2.3 Map (Bukkit) Conversion?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by stefan100, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Question :Will bukkit make sure, IF i use my 1.1 map at the upgraded bukkit which is 1.2.3 that there will be JungleBiomes? And will the NPC villages be as 1.2.3 ? (Children Villagers and such)

    I had a worldborder at 50000 blocks ( Starting from 0 Square 50k all directions ) so my question is: Will it be scrambling biomes so it can put JungleBiomes between them? Or will the jungle biomes be generated OUTSIDE the 50k or USED chunks ?... Kind of need a promissing answer on this one, as i would love to update and yet get scrambled biomes without having to travel 50k blocks just to get acces to a single junglebiome...
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    Try it, backup your world folder, go test.
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    If you updated to 1.2.3 it will Auto Convert it when you start your server
  4. autoconvert yes, but if at like.. 1000 ~ish cordinates is an grassland biome, will it change it to an jungle biome even though it already got explored/used(the chunk/biome itself) >thats an example so dont think it has to happen on 1000~cordinates< kind of difficult finding this out as i have to search trough over 180000 blocks.. :p Hoping tha tsomebody already did that..
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    Yes it will update to the Jungle Biome, Thats why most servers just start a new map with the new update.
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    It won't regenerate your current chunks. That would be awful, what if somebody built something cool and the game decided to just regenerate that area? The new jungles will only show up in newly explored areas.
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    Tim Andersen

    How do you make the server update the other worlds you got on the server?.. :-/
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    if you update your 1.1 map to 1.2, you'll get nasty terrain transitions in all the new chunks (example) because the terrain generators are different. Minecraft will not convert the old world chunks, it will only create new chunks using the new generator.

    From past experience, the differences in the generated terrain is amplified the further you are from 0,0. If you're within a few hundred blocks of the origin, the landforms will look very similar (with biome-driven variation, ofc) but if you're out at 50,000... it is a whole 'nother world.
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    If I remember right from reading something Mojang posted awhile back about this update, old maps will NOT generate jungles after being converted. I have no way of knowing whether or not that was true or if it's been changed since then. Regardless, I myself am making a new world specifically for the new biome.
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    I upgraded my vanilla 1.1 server to 1.2. The server generates jungle biomes in new areas. There was no need for me to erase and start over.
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    when i try to update my server to 1.1-R6 it doesnt work if i try with just r4 or r5 it still wont work ...... help
    it says after a wail End of Stream
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    This happened to me. Any ideas how to fix it?
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    On a copy of my world it generated some jungle biomes about 1000 blocks out from spawn. This is area unexplored, so makes sense. The bad part is there is nice jagged biome borders where new chunks meet old. This is not a problem of Bukkit, but the game itself. I took a fresh copy of my map and put it in single player and ran out to where I had jungle biomes, and sure enough I got the same biome borders. This was acceptable when the game was still in beta, however being 1.2 and the game is considered release, they should be more considerate of these issues and find a work around to prevent it. I can't speak for other peoples maps, but mines pretty much ruined. I have backups, but everytime it converts to anvil it's just going to produce the same outcome. :(
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    I agree it would definitely be nice if during terrain generation it somehow check neighbouring chunks and "blended" into if it isn't consistent with newer terrain gen algorithms.

    I'd disagree that maps are totally ruined by it though, voxelsniper makes blending chunk boundaries fairly easy - though yeah even that is a pain if you have a HUGE map.
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    So if I go on 1.2.3 i like have alot of chunks loaded like i think 10000 and when I update will all the chuncks not load be the new update or will the map get reset? plz reply :D
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