Dec 31, 2010
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Okay, I just replied to 46 PMs. Whoo. Jul 16, 2011

    1. jacob7395
      hi i want to try and develop plugins but cant find a page with the details about how to start could you help me with a link :)
    2. fear111
      Please help with the plugin, namely WorldEdit.
      When a player puts my server logs pops him You do not have permission to use this.
      Please help and send answers to my character.
      Yours and thanks for the plugins.
      1. dak393
        You have permissions installed? I would look into setting that up correctly :)
        Jun 20, 2011
    3. MC4Fun
      thanks for all th plugins but i hope that you will update the plugins soon
      :D :D
    4. taxidriveer
      Thank you for all your great plugin !
    5. Rawbott
      Your plugins make my life so much easier. Thank you. I wish more developers were so productive, and made such well designed plugins.
    6. xXVortosXx
      i,m with water falcon
    7. WaterFalcon
      your plugins are AWESOME. Your are my favorite plugin developer. Keep up the outstanding work!
      1. MrSebeXx and Samuel Greaves like this.
    8. Jayjay110
      Congrats on the map mod!, you are fucking awesome!
    9. Theogta
      Hello / greeting does not work with worldguard.
      I still / region flag lenomdelaregion gretting Welcome
      This does not work ..
    10. waralot
    11. xRespawntime
      sk89q, i have a quick question for you! (You do not have to answer if you don't want to) Question: How do you create plugins for MineCraft? Is there a special program used? If so.. where could i get the program to start learning? Thankyou for taking the time to read this! xRespawnTime
      1. dak393
        Plugins are Written in java.
        Jun 20, 2011
    12. sk89q
    13. s4mm77
      Please explain how i can extend the region size limit its killing me =(
    14. Hello83
      You are the best...
    15. theslowbros
      do world edit work with no bugs?
    16. xboxhacks
      do you know who the founder of bukkit is??
    17. Twoframes
    18. sk89q
    19. Tagwolf
      New minecraft 1.5 is broken running bukkit:
      [SEVERE] Bad packet id 119
      at net.minecraft.server.Packet.b(
      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.f(
      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.c(
      1. sk89q
        Mojang changed how text in the protocol was sent completely, which entirely broke detection of old versions.
        Apr 20, 2011
    20. Robbyyke
      Hi sk89q

      I really would like world edit on my server
      but it doesnt work I have craftbukkit 670
      & mac os x 10.5.8
      Could it be that world edit doesnt work for Mac?

    21. gamersim
      hey SK u know why banning isnt working at CommandBook. Both commands don't work /ban and /ban -e
      when i ban someone he can relog few sec. later that sux because we had many griefers on the server and i needed to remove them from the Whitelist!

      greetings gamersim
    22. anonymous
      anonymous is down
    23. David K
      David K
      -random not important question alert-

      what texture pack do you use / you used in the Worldedit terraining video? It looks pretty epic.

      BTW thanks a lot for all your plugins, I'm using every single one of them and they are just awesome!
    24. craz4cats
      '/region claim' works for me, I saw that you have it marked as "test needed", so I went ahead and tested it for my own uses. I did come across a message that told me the max area that can be claimed as a region is 30,000.
    25. Donny
      Hey you seem to be one of the only people that can do it. Any way you can make a hostname banner? I noticed some plugins grab players host names on join. Is there a way to make a plugin that grabs the hostname, saves it to a temp flatfile then if that player gets ban it gives an option to also ban the host name. ANd in cirlce if a player joins with that host name it auto bans?
      (or even rejects joins from that player)
    26. Iaconic
      hey how can i raise the number of regions a person can have? im an admin n its telling me i cant own anymore...
    27. Kaster Troy
      Kaster Troy
      Awesome work on your mods!
    28. OrtwinS
      Hi sk89q,

      I just read in on all the bugs, issues and plans you have for craftbukkit, WEdit, WGuard, the user interface, and ofcourse Craftbook... RESPECT.
      You must be dedicating half you life to this.

      Please do not let yourself be stressed or bothered to much by the hundreds of ppl who just wait idle untill someone else (you) fix their problems.
    29. Luke Shelley
      Luke Shelley
      Hello, I've been using the command book plugin you made, but I'm unable to set up the permissions, do I make a separate file or do I add it under the 'rules' in config.YML. if so what do I write? Thanks for your time :)
    30. Sondre Berntsen
      Sondre Berntsen
      Who drew your avatar? I really like it!
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