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Jan 2, 2011
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Sep 15, 2014
    1. quizmo22
    2. DarkFusion
      pls your plugins are awesome =) can you update sign jump :D ? thx in advance
    3. Mathew Alden
      Mathew Alden
      Hi. Is your Server Port plug-in still supported. It appears to be the last one that isn't already dead... but then you didn't update... and I wasn't sure if it was just hard to do or if you weren't doing it anymore. Please do do it... or something. :)
    4. decebaldecebal
    5. jellybootsxp
      Can u make a plugin where u can use a command to spawn a specific mob on that block and choose spawn intervals for them that would be amazing considering my server needs something like that. You may also add anything else you want but I would like it to be as light weight as possible. Im sure if you submit it other people will use it. Thanks.
    6. lazykpox
      Helo. I have a problem, can u add me to xfire ot msn ?
    7. GameSlayerGS
      You might remember me, or maybe not, but I used Server Port a while back, before Bukkit stopped working for me, that was when 1.4 was released, anyways...
      What happened to the simple portals between servers and such, it looks so much more complicated now.
      .......... ?????????? !!! CONFUSION !!! ?????????? ..........
      1. GameSlayerGS
        I guess what I'm asking is, is there a simple guide on setting the whole thing up from scratch, the proxy set up?
        Jun 24, 2011
      2. GameSlayerGS
        Alright, sorry about the freaking out. I found the little wiki button and I'm following the instructions there, although I did have problems with some of the other plugins not liking my renaming of the world file. So... It works though, so that's nice.
        Jul 23, 2011
    8. rockxz2135
      Can you help me with your server port core plugin? eventlink says i established the connection but when i warp it says warp 2 was a lost warp target :S
    9. RG_PankO
    10. GaLeMa00
      do you van be help me with the Server Port plugin i am so lucky wen you help me
    11. TheBruceNorris
      you gonna update roundworld for 818?
    12. Ross Gosling
      Ross Gosling
      Please can you make the 'Amazing TDM Idea' becuase it would make my server actually work and loads of other people could use it for their pvp servers
      1. Raphfrk
        Sorry, I already have very little time with the ones I have already made.
        May 23, 2011
      2. Ross Gosling
        Ross Gosling
        oh ok nevermind
        May 23, 2011
    13. Simanova
      Raphfrk i really need CraftProxy working - If there is something i can do for you, tell me!
    14. Tnnaii
      Hello, Please excuse my English is very poor Chinese.
      Your CPL very good.
      But I want to translate the text into Chinese GUL interface.
      GUL interface can add text to a file, so change it a little easier.
    15. GameSlayerGS
      Hi, it's me again, I last contacted you on MC forums. Anyways, I finally got around to trying to set up the Server Port plugin, I believe I followed all the instructions correctly, I set the ports in server.properties and in serverport.txt, but when I try to launch a second server it still says "Failed to bind to port".

      Any ideas?
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      2. GameSlayerGS
        Ok, haha, after changing the port for the normal server.properties, I noticed that they both seemed to use what ever was in that server.properties file. So I delete the Hell s.p file and start it again so it will generate a new one, it doesn't and I realize that both LaunchServer.command files run the same server...
        I've fixed that now.
        Apr 22, 2011
      3. Raphfrk

        Ideally, you should run each server in its own directory.
        Apr 22, 2011
      4. GameSlayerGS
        They are, and have been, I just made a copy of the first when I set up the second and I forgot to change the LaunchServer.command file to run the new one.
        Apr 22, 2011
    16. Monckey100
    17. krsbuilt
      I'm building a mod that requires some minor modifications to the craftbukkit server, and i would like to know what classes you modified to make serverport work so that i may have both mods. any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, have you considered making your project a maven project?

      -- krsbuilt
    18. luckeY
      Helo. I have a problem, can u add me to xfire ot msn ?
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