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Jun 26, 2011
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Lost all of my files from my previous hard drive (I had them all on a flash drive, then lost it). Jul 5, 2012

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Jul 13, 2019
    1. Twisted_Panda
    2. LuciB
      You have a skype account ?
    3. 9berend9
      Damn, I miss Autocraft :( Movecraft is horrible compared to Autocraft!
    4. LeeTheENTP
      My server really depends on PvPGun+ for warzones, and my players miss it. Is there a way I can help you recover the source for it?
    5. WhoThatSword
      hi i play on the mcwar server and im wondering if u can give me a link to he download? i will like to make a server with your plugin :P me and my staff will be proudly sponsor you
      1. orange451
        Feb 20, 2013
    6. busterroni
      My other message got cut off. On some servers that I play that have your plugin it can be pretty annoying when you have hundreds of players on your tracker and have to find which players are on 2 sides. Just an idea ;)
    7. busterroni
      Hey, I just had an idea for your tracking plugin. It still works even though it hasn't been updated for the recent bukkit version, but I think a /track all2 command would be a good idea to add. It would automatically track everyone on 2 sides.
    8. TheFitSoldier
      When will PVPGun be updated to work for GroupManager?
      1. orange451
        It wont be.
        Jan 6, 2013
    9. SabreLegend
      Hi, could you reply to my convo I started with you? It's really urgent!
    10. sercanatici
      i need your help to your plugin autocraft?
    11. de_mitt
      Hello from Ukraine!
      Sorry for my baaaad English.
      Can you have a 1.3.1-version? I use bukkit 1.3.1 and I have an error: "Could not load plugin..." :(
    12. razza2345
      Hello i know you lost all your files on your hardrive but is there any way you can update the PVPGun plugin as it is a plugin that i very much need for my Zombie day-z style server. Thanks anyway for the great plugin.
      1. orange451
        It's updated to the most recent build of bukkit.
        You should read the topic next time.
        Sep 11, 2012
    13. chrille
      Hello :)

      Is it possible for you to update your plugin squadbot ? It is very awesome :)
    14. ar15killer
      I need a dev to work for me (yes this is payed work) please contact me if you want to make some money making a new plugin for me. You can talk to me here or on my clans teamspeak3 server
      Just ask for me. Please get back to me asap I think you are the right one for this because it is kinda like the airship mod, just different.
    15. orange451
      Lost all of my files from my previous hard drive (I had them all on a flash drive, then lost it).
    16. byveris
      I'm a big fan of you. But I need some help. If you help me, I will donate or make your plugins popular. (recommend to friends)
      What help I'm looking for:

      I've made 10 kits: 5 members, 5 basic. But I don't know what to do to make that only members can use it. Can you on next update do the member permissions? Or maybe teach how to correct the plugin that member permissions could work? Please help :(
    17. OG_Chowder
      Hello, Im looking for a Plugin Developer that could create me a Hunger Games Plugin. I know there already Is a Hunger Games plugin but i have alot of ideas for a plugin that could be popular if done right! soo if u have a skype add me SKype Name: OG_Chowder.
      Hope U Read This
    18. alien519
      Orange, can you add a way to be able to make a class in game for ultimate arena, by doing, for example, /ua class <name>

      and then it would make a class based off of your inventory?
    19. Bermanator
      I put you as an npc in my server!
    20. Bobmarley66
      I<3 your server and your plugins.
    21. xgamerminecraft
      Dude i cant get Squadbots to work all they do is float in the air
    22. DaxterYx12
      CAn You Add Spectator On Ultimate Arena Pllssss
    23. aleccs22
      I know your busy, but when is the Squadbot 1.2.4 update coming out?
      1. ChrisDud3 likes this.
    24. charlienutsak
    25. FryedRice
      Hi orange, I am using the Ultimate Arena plugin, everything is working fine until i join the arena. My arena is a PVP arena, and everytime I join it by myself, it says that the game has ended. Can you help me?
    26. LordOfQc
      Hi orange, I am using your autocraft plugin on my server and I would like to do TDM with big ships with 1 pilot and my gunners. But I can't do that with the original plugin. I would like to know if it would be possible for tou to do another plugin or modify this one so we can also use the dispensers to shoot tnt, torpedoes, etc with a button in addition to the currently /ac fire command.
      -- Thanks
    27. dale196
      Hello, I have an idea for your Autocraft that would help me and my server so much. Basically when leave you "ship" anyone can hope on and fly of with it but if there was some sort of "lock" system that only allowed you or your friends to fly the ship that would be amazing. I would love to speak to you more formally about this if you have skype feel free to add me (dale19994) and you could truly change my server.
    28. Wing
      Hey Orange451 was just wondering when your going to update Movecraft to the newest version of Bukkit and Minecraft
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      2. Wing
        Really? You posted it though...
        Jan 25, 2012
      3. orange451
        No I didn't.
        Jan 26, 2012
      4. Wing
        OMG sorry, I mean Autocraft, we will be running a a space server and we want your awesome ship plugin!
        Feb 5, 2012
    29. SmashShock
      I'm using SquadBot, do you know why I can't seem to find any NPCs around? I've been looking forever.

      1. orange451
        They're there, don't worry.
        Dec 23, 2011
    30. kenty
      Dud, What is the permissions for UA? i didn't find them :'(
      1. orange451
        read the topic for UltimateArena, the permissions are listed there.
        Dec 23, 2011
      2. kenty
        Ya found them :P
        Dec 25, 2011
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