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Nov 23, 2019
Feb 5, 2011
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Olof Larsson

Member, Male, from Sweden

I have not looked into the CreativeGates error yet but it seems that installing spout on your server solves the issue. Oct 28, 2011

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Nov 23, 2019
    1. Cmdu76
      Hi ! I'm French and i really like Factions if you look for french templates i can do it ;)
    2. lemm
      Thank you for even reading these excerpts, also i am interested in talking about a contract maybe for private plugins. I would do it myself, but if only i was as skilled as you. Please respond. Also mod support for the new bukkit plugin for flans mods
    3. lemm
      If you could edit that option not allowing players to leave a faction, after they joined one unless the plugin is reset or such. Please contact me. Reply to this post, yes your interested, or no your not. I'm looking forward to a response. Thank you for reading. If more detail is what your after, sorry i only had 420 characters. I would hope not to release this, just for our server private use
    4. lemm
      Hello Mr. Larsson. My name is Taj. First Factions is my favorite plugin. Factions is quite revolutionary. I am part of the WW2craft server staff. Our server allows players to choose Germany or Russia, which will be factions. But, we need a tiny tweak.
    5. FuRiouSOne
      Would you mind updating the event system on CreativeGates for bukkit 1.2+ please? Someone on the forums page said something about taking over your plugin which would be great if you no longer wish to do anything with it. Hate to see a great plugin go to waste as its unusable any longer due to new event system in bukkit.
    6. Sayshal
      Hello, do I have permissions to monetize the YouTube Tutorial I made for this plugin? Yes or no is all I need
      1. Olof Larsson
        Olof Larsson
        No money should be involved. This is an open souce project. You use it for free. You should contribute for free, right? That is the open source spirit.
        Feb 5, 2012
    7. DarkFusion
      Hey olaf when are you going to update ypur awesome plugin creative gates? can you maybe add support for colored wool ?
    8. ThaSourceGaming
      For factions plugin... I have a problem making the economy work. Could you please tell me how to enable it correctly? I use iConomy and i enabled it. But when i make a faction it doesn't take away money.
      1. Olof Larsson
        Olof Larsson
        No. Use the forum.
        Jan 21, 2012
      2. ThaSourceGaming
        I posted on the forum. Awaiting reply for the fix. Thank you.
        Jan 21, 2012
    9. Grafe
      Hey Olof,
      I like to extend your faction plugin for my server. But i can't create a project that works in eclipse. i miss the projectfiles. can you help me?
      pls write me on my email [email protected]
    10. CyanSnow
      If I paid you, could you make me a plugin that only my server has? A plugin like factions but a bit different.
    11. CyanSnow
      If I paid you could you make me a custom plugin like factions? that only my server would have?
    12. CyanSnow
      Hello, you created factions amirite? Anyways, is there any way you can get factions to do this:

      PVP disabled EXCEPT for when a faction is an enemy to another?
      1. Olof Larsson
        Olof Larsson
        In version 1.7 (that will be released when minecraft 1.0.0 for bukkit is released) the feature is there. You should use the forums though ^^ and not ask me directly.
        Nov 24, 2011
    13. Olof Larsson
      Olof Larsson
      I have not looked into the CreativeGates error yet but it seems that installing spout on your server solves the issue.
      1. matthew_goodman likes this.
    14. XIIIthDevil
      I have installed your "Creative gates" plugin and whenever I attempt to activate the gate it says that the frame is invalid, I do not know how to fix this, so any assistance at all would be appreciated, thank you. This plugin seems like it will be amazing when working on my server >.<
    15. MaggiMH
      I installed "creative gates" on my bukkit server but nothing happens, when I right/left klick on a diamondblock with a frame.
      AppData\Roaming\.craftbukkit\plugins\CreativeGates was emty
      installed "worldmanager", working
      pls help me! it seems to be very very very very nice!
    16. alexmack929
      Hi, i asked for help on the Vampire plugin page, but nobody replied, so could you help me out? My post is at the bottom of Page 3.
    17. gameswereus
      How is Factions V2 coming along?
    18. ashtheking
      Can you check the massivecraft website, "Dev -> Drafts -> Factions V2"? I have a comment "awaiting moderation", and i was wondering whether I could help.
      1. Olof Larsson likes this.
    19. Tytonidae
      Hello. I used to play on mcteam.org. I was a member of the faction Solaris. I can't host the server, but was wondering if I could have a copy of the map files? I'd like to continue what was started by my friend and I in singleplayer. As in Solaris, obviously I didn't start the server.
      1. Olof Larsson
        Olof Larsson
        You could join us at massivecraft.com if you like to play on my server again :) It is a new map though. The old files are not hosted anymore.
        Aug 8, 2011
      2. Tytonidae
        Okay, I might do that later. I'd already looked into Massivecraft, but I didn't realize you were still affiliated with it. I thought someone had simply stolen the mcteam.org DNS.
        Aug 8, 2011
      3. Olof Larsson
        Olof Larsson
        Hehe no not at all. I and my friends are behind massivecraft :)
        It is mostly a name change. We figured it was a better name than mcteam (:
        Aug 9, 2011
    20. Eyden
      Hi Olof !

      What's new about merging AncientGates & CreativeGates ?

      Hope good feeling for you !
    21. Hanness
      Hi Olof!

      It's about MCTEAM.org!
      I'm wondering if you're planning to put the server up again? I loved playing on it, til my friend "Knight_of_summer" got banned for outtalking an admin. (Eololar)

      I've to say I miss the server a lot and I hope you'll put it up again. I saw Ninjabaver online on the server when i went on your website a couple of days ago, tried to join but it's whitelisted. My ign is Hanness.
    22. Ross Gosling
      Ross Gosling
      Hello, i am a lover of Ancient Gates and it is one of the main plugins keeping my server's infrastructure working so please could you bring it back to life but add an option to fill the portal with water instead of the portal blocks as i need this plugin for my server to run and i would like to have players go to the nether through their own portals not the ancient gates if they stand in the right place.
    23. DanielSivertsen
      Hello, im from norway and i think i need your help, can you please try to add me on MSN or Skype?
      Skype: Daniel_Tsivertsen
      MSN: [email protected]

      Thank you so match!
      1. DanielSivertsen
        Jun 29, 2011
    24. jif686
      can i have the server file please il make a server off it og kan du forstå norsk im somthing bad in english
    25. Saviordude
      Hey, I was wondering if I could have the world file of your server. Just to pick up some building tips. I understand if you decline my request.
    26. microarsch
      Hi. I am the owner of a german minecraft server and want to make your server back online as an international server. He would be online 24 hours a day and have slots for 100 players online. He would run on a linux root server. Are you interested in? Greetings Jonas
    27. axeman20239
      Hey i was just wondering if anyone took over your world because i would like to play on the server once someone else creates it again
    28. Schuttle
      Hey Olof, did you receive my message?
    29. Woggles
      i would happily take the files for the server off your hands if you haven't already given it to anyone else.
    30. Forge_User_25858003
      I wrote to much so I'll keep it short here. I would like but can't run a server like yours. I would however like to know as much as possible about all the wordpress scripts/plugins for showing the status of players, server and so on that you had on the site. If i may.

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