Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. Ti Zex
      Ti Zex
      Where can I download the .jar datei for the Bukkit server?
    2. insanejoe
      Can you pleas tell me where to download thanks.
    3. MMZ_TimeLord
      I would like to make the Bukkit team forum admins aware that any email with a dash "-" in it will not send a confirmation properly. Please look into this. I am currently using an alternate email address because of this issue.
      you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololol rofl
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    5. ilovetobmx22
      Can you please help me with bukkit i cannot get it all set up and if you can help me i would be very happy to donate to you for helping me understand how to setup the basics. And would also be happy to donate to the website often to keep bukkit up and running. Please help me
      1. Connor1000
        yes I need help to. They just updated minecraft so my Hmod is out of date and I heard someone say to get bukkit so I need help setting up, and how to us plugins
        Feb 25, 2011
    6. Pinsenator
      Can you tell me where the download for it is plaese
    7. Forge_User_25912841
      Hi EvilSteph, TNT told me to pm you about this message, can you take a look ? Thank you ;)
      1. Forge_User_25912841
    8. Forge_User_24011153
      Hi EvilSeph, I know I'm not supposed to ask questions here, but I was wondering if there was some way I could use hey0 or bukkit on my server? I have just started it and feel that i need to be able to have protection from griefers.
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      2. SAMDAN
        Lol. Go to Bukkit documentation and there are downloads there. By the way, craftbukkit doesnt wrap around your server, you just run the bukkit or craftbukkit file.
        Feb 13, 2011
    9. Forge_User_86562992
      I am sorry for posting this here but I was wondering if I could be acredited as a volintary wiki staff as i have contributed from the very start and I am the maintainer of the blank-Bukkit-plugin on Google code thanks and loving the work you are doing , hmod was just getting rediculously complicated :)
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    10. jakerudd
      Where do I download bukkit?
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      2. SAMDAN
        Go to documentation, there are downloads there. Btw, you just run the caraftbukkit or bukkit file, not the server.
        Feb 13, 2011
    11. Rukaria
      There's no code for 32bit windows. The code that you need to copy/paste into Notepad.
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    12. kman2010
      when will /modify and groups be implemented?
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    13. Max
      hi can you help me set up a server wiyh bullit i am a bit confussed =D
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    14. Cogito
      I really like your profile picture - is that really you?
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    15. adamfung
      hey how do i download a minecraft version
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    16. Gene Myers
      Gene Myers
      Hey, is there anyway i can Donate to bukkit? I want to donate $100 or so
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      2. SAMDAN
        There is a donate button on the home page.
        Feb 14, 2011
    17. Michael D Mooring
      Michael D Mooring
      Thanks for being awesome. We love bukkit!

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    18. John Magus
      John Magus
      Heya evil how ya been havent talked to you in a while just seeing how ya were doing
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      2. EvilSeph
        hi John, things are going good. Trying to get Bukkit out ASAP so we can get Realmz back up :)
        Jan 26, 2011
    19. CheeseKeg
      Thanks for adding the tags I asked for! :D
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    20. Matt Rozenboim
      Matt Rozenboim
      java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out

      at net.minecraft.server.ThreadLoginVerifier.run(SourceFile:96)

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    21. Lars Martin
      Lars Martin
      Okay, so i tried the forum but no help to be found there(and yes, i'm not patient)Love your work here(As a team) and i was just wondering if you know anything about why i can't connect to minecraft.net?
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      2. cody1209
        Notch's blog and twitter are probably better places to look than bukkit website.
        Jan 18, 2011
    22. Cranky Miner
      Cranky Miner
      I love your likes ;) 69 Haha ;) Keep it on that ;p
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    23. Bloq
      Will it still have hMod's commands? Like /warp etc. If not then forget this lol :P
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      2. Reil
        Plugins for that. Try looking in the forum next time.
        Jan 15, 2011
      3. Bloq
        I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Unless I overlooked it, some things weren't very clear to me. But thanks for your reply, it helped a lot :)

        Any other things that Bukkit will be very useful for?
        Jan 16, 2011
    24. Vince
      Is it out? I went onto a server and it was different. NO COMMANDS!!!! I didn't know what to do. It was an hmod server.
    25. pesoo
      please make some tutorial video in youtube
    26. pesoo
      i want hey0 mod or bukkit :D
    27. pesoo
      when bukkit come out??
    28. popthcpoppers
      And wondering if there are classes or permission levels set in place
    29. popthcpoppers
      Any word on when we'll be a le to access the plugins page
      , and btw give item works
    30. Kbrizio
      i want the new version of hey0 (build 134) for minecraft 1.2 beta
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