Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. Forge_User_77050345
      Hello I have few things to said:
      1.CB rules!
      2.Do you played Final Fantasy?Well your nickname gave me think.
    2. ScottSpittle
      Hey, can i post an error with CB here?
    3. Griffork
      Two things:
      Bukkit is awesome.
      Your profile picture is awesome. Where'd you find it?
    4. Poe
      can you help me i have a server and my friends cant build but i can i tried using permissions and that didnt work either...please help
      1. RaCooN
        Post your permissions config file and we can see if anything is broken
        May 6, 2011
      2. Poe
        i put it on the online yaml parser thingy and nothing came up. the blocks just go back where they were and i cant use plugins that need permissions either no matter what i do they say you dont have permission to do this even though they are all updated
        May 9, 2011
    5. SupraCl0ne
      OMFG Pendulum Witchcraft
    6. xboxhacks
      you think you are so cool giving me a infraction :P
    7. DarkMaster227
      Im having problems with my Bukkit server. Everytime I click on Run.bat ( im on windows) it says unable to access craftbukkit. And i saw your recent post about it already has another jar.jar. So i deleted the .jar of it but it still says unable to access craftbukkit. Please help.
    8. PedroN041
      I am having some problems, can you help me?
    9. Forge_User_18938661
      hi i am a bukkit fan and i would like to know when the recommended bukkit for 1.5 coming out
    10. Nak0604
      I use bukkit and my server works great! i dont know what the problem with yours is but mine works fine
    11. WraithTGuardian
      When I have bukkit on my server it really laggs.... As fast as someone join they start falling around in the void. THis problem doesn´t occure when I use localhost but when I use my external Ip it does. It works just fine with the vanilla server
    12. DaDude363
      I would like to be an Admin again, and make my friends Ops, but I can't.

      On my old server, we also had different chat colours for different ranks. I cannot go back to MCAdmin because it stopped working.

      Any help will be appreciated.
      1. Nak0604
        you can join my server lol and be an op lol jk
        Apr 24, 2011
      2. Griffork
        May 1, 2011
      3. Griffork
        Permissions allows you to sort players into groups, and give them commands based on their group, it includes support for hierarchies and admin/anti-spam groups.
        May 1, 2011
    13. DaDude363
      I've been searching for ages for a way to ajust player ranks but I can't find anything. I've checked all the files and folders in my CraftBukkit directory, searched the topic on Google and bukkit.org, nothing. My friends are on my side about CraftBukkit being better, but like me, they are upset that they are the same rank as a guest to the server.
    14. DaDude363
      I previously used MCAdmin to run a private server for me and my friends, but I was told CraftBukkit was far better. I decided to switch my server over to CraftBukkit and indeed it was. But I have one major issue with CraftBukkit. I can't figure out how to ajust the ranks. MCAdmin saved them to a text document called 'player_ranks.txt' or something like that.
    15. neX!Tem
      EvilSeph i normally dont annoy someone with stuff like this, but i have some problems with my server. and i cant reach Cogito cause he has a diffrent timezone then me, In need some basic help with Linux and Startscripts for bukkit. Maybe you know something, maybe contact me? : steam,skype: nexitem
    16. PedroN041
      Does it have problems using minecraft mod and bukkit?
    17. CliffieJ
      Thanks for spending your time creating bukkit and now also updating it for us all . Thank you . i shal wait paitiently for you to post the update .
    18. Pand3micc
      It seems the patch storm has blown over, maybe think about releasin that new build some time soon, kthxbai
    19. zok
      dude the minecraft servers are on beta 1.5_02 now my server is screw'ed without bukkit update ! :DDD
    20. zon
      hi how are you

      thanks for craftbukkit

      can you make bukkit modloader or this hard
      thanks you for read
    21. Hermann Hermanns
      Hermann Hermanns
      when does the new build come out??????
      1. InFerNos1 likes this.
      2. Andre_9796
        it is out
        Apr 22, 2011
    22. artimas22
      just thought ide say TAKE UR TIME UPDATEING. yes i want it but ide rather wait for a decent well coded bukkit update then a sloppy one so don't feel hurried by everyone begging for the update "NOW" :)
      1. InFerNos1 likes this.
    23. Thenewblade
      Did u kno 1.5_01 came out?
    24. Teerre
      when will the update for minecraft 1.5_01 come out?
      1. InFerNos1 and Thenewblade like this.
    25. CoolguyXD
      Hello EvilSeph Can you make a 1.5_01 Bukkit update please do it
      Good work with bukkit keep it up:D Happy Working:)
    26. Kristian Ebdrup
      Kristian Ebdrup
      can u make an 1.5.01 update plz :D
      Thanks 4 the good work 4 Bukkkit servers
    27. refreshfx
      can i test craftbukkit for you?
    28. Kevin Purcell
      Kevin Purcell
      Why Not Atempt 1.5
    29. colorhacker
      and can you include essentials instead of the other plugins cuz essentials comes with more commands
    30. colorhacker
      can i be a official tester of craftbukkit?
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