Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. pokeemaster
      hey evil seph hav u been on the gold sever?
      they have an NPC you!
    2. exoskeleton
      ok i need help on a different topic i got the server running but no one can use it so how do i figure out the ip??
      1. westin
        Jul 30, 2011
    3. exoskeleton
      seph i know u were on 17 min ago
      so can u plz help
    4. exoskeleton
    5. exoskeleton
      i need help can u help me??? it says unable to launch craftbukkit-0.0.1_SNAPSHOT so what do i do????
      1. oxguy3
        Read the tutorial on Setting up a server on wiki.bukkit.org.
        Aug 7, 2011
    6. rockxz2135
      Sorry if this is the wrong place but I have a great suggestion for bukkit!
      What if you made plugins perworld?! like....
      minecraftserver/plugins/world1, world2, world3....
      In each of the world folders you select what plugins you want and move them there its such a great idea!
      So plugins didn't have to do per world themselves and I could have a roleplay and creative server on the same server!
      1. rockxz2135
        P.S. If there is a place for suggestions please guide me to it I would love to see this integrated into bukkit!
        Jul 25, 2011
      2. oxguy3
        You can have per world permissions, or you can run multiple servers. Setting up something like that would be a LOT of work.
        Aug 7, 2011
    7. huds101
    8. jrd3044
    9. dbizzzle
      Why do you people not understand, I mean its not that complicated "Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. You can ask for support here." Why is it that you all completely ignore this simple statement directly above where you are typing exactly what its telling you not to.

      Keep up the great work EvilSeph!
      1. PatrickFreed likes this.
      2. dbizzzle
        It even gives you a link to the proper area to ask support questions.
        Jul 19, 2011
    10. xarrio
      How can i update my bukkit?
    11. VALO
      hey evilseph can i use the craktbukkit in a plugin pack im making ive already made it because someone told me i didnt have to ask you so i just want to confirm this please respond
    12. Vektor
      Hi, I'm from Russia, could you help me understand the plugin Permossions
    13. min
      bukkit team member..
      grum is a Korean? He is known as the Koreans.
    14. rogvid700
    15. emericask8ur
      Evilseph you could make me the happiest dude around if you could tell me or even just link a video up on how to make a basic plugin! Thanks buddy
      1. Th3Controller
        EvilSeph does not reply to posts unless they're in big paragraphs. I cannot tell you how to do java programming. But I suggest you look up "the new boston" on youtube and look for his java programming tutorials.
        Jul 14, 2011
    16. EL3M3NeSTi
      @Kohle sorrry i read that only after i posted xD
    17. EL3M3NeSTi
      Hello! Me and my friend just created a server and every thing OK but only 1 problem. When you hit a block and destroy it it restor back or same when you puting blocks.We able to pvp each other and able to kill mos and take loot.
      My friend said that it is a problem in the map.
      What to do?
      Thank you!
      1. Th3Controller
        Bukkit has a built in spawn protection and the default coverage area is 16 try editing this on the file called "bukkit.yml" inside your server folder.
        Jul 14, 2011
    18. VALO
      hey man can i use craftbukkit in a plugin pack im making ill give you full credit
    19. Kohle
      You people do not understand a thing, do you?
      "Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. You can ask for support here. " God!

      Anyways. Keep up the good work EvilSeph! You guys do so good with Bukkit, and when someone PM's you, you get back to them fairly quick. Thanks a lot, for all you do. :)
      1. tips48 likes this.
    20. Daskiller100
      hey can someone help me with my plugins
    21. Pinetop279
      On my server people cant login .i am useing hamachi for my ip can you help
      1. Th3Controller
        For someone to enter your server they need to also have Hamachi. If your "people" don't want to install hamachi then you will need to learn port forwarding. PM if you want to learn how. By the way I am only refering to Pinetop279 so anyone else asking well too bad I am not going to help you!
        Jul 14, 2011
    22. nibbler1010
      ok so you update your minecraft to 1.7 and then realize you cant use your sever because it is out of date what do you do???
      1. Th3Controller
        Nibbler there are different craftbukkit versions and they are posted here in bukkit.org but theyre only recommended versions to get the latest craftbukkit build go here http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/ download the latest craftbukkit with a blue circle in it don't download anything in red they're bad builds.
        Jul 14, 2011
    23. kalle1227
      502 Bad gateway

      Cherokee web server, Port 8194

      i cant downlod
    24. rockxz2135
      WHOA!!! My friend got the latest version of bukkit working with 1.7!!!!
      If you don't beleive me heres the ip:
    25. j_is_me57
      hey wondering when 1.7 updates comes out, not to rush you i know its hard work, good luck dude... im super stoked
    26. TheMightyOle
      Anyone know when he`s done?! I don`t want to stress him but Bukkit is so awesome!
    27. slash123456789
      Good Luck on update to 1.7. I hope you the best of luck:)
    28. Jeremy516
      Just a note of support i be waiting for your update for the 1.7 trust me i know it is not an easy challenge but I know you will rise to the challenge--Good Luck Richard
    29. Andrewkroger1
      Hi, can you check your inbox, I pm'ed you and you haunt replyed
    30. Zalastri
      Just wanted to leave a kind word, thanks for all your efforts. I and my players appreciate it.
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